Monthly Archive for January, 2011

My Dirty Mind

So today I had to go to the grocery store. My food stock was getting pretty low. I love sausage and fresh meats, so I went to the back to the meat department. Usually the butcher I talk with is the typical old guy. Well today I got lucky, the guy was in his mid twenties and really yummy looking. I gave him my order and I watched as he went into the back. My dirty little mind started to wander and get freaky!  I moved to get a better view to watch the sexy butcher chopping up my meat! Watching his strong sexy arms with that huge butcher’s knife! It was turning me on! I wanted to go into the back get naked and lay all over that raw meat while the butcher fucked me! OMG! I started getting hot and WET, right in the grocery store! I felt like such a naughty, dirty slut!

Of course I slipped the butcher my number with the hopes he’d call me and bring over some raw meat that I could lay all over the floor and then I’d lay on top of it while he fucked me. I’ll let you know how that turns out!

Family fun is where its at!

 It started off in a taxi cab, me and “J” making out pretty hot and heavy.  Groping each other like 2 teenagers in heat.  Apparently the cab driver got hot and bothered up in the front seat because all of a sudden he was reaching back and grabbing my tits while I was bouncing up and down on “J’s” cock.

Our journey advanced to my dirty cousin “J” fucking both me and my mom together.  I absolutely loved watching his dick sliding in and out of moms juicy cunt.  I won’t lie, a little part of me was still jealous, I wanted that beautiful cock all to myself.  Watching him fuck his aunt was still pretty damn hot!

My cousin then just so happens to stop by to visit me a few days later during the middle of my other cousins bridal shower.  I decide to tackle “J” and make him be the stripper for our little party.  Who would have thought all of my aunts would want a peice of their sexy horny nephew.  Not to mention even my underage cousins wanted to be included in on the nasty family fuck party we were having.

Babe I have to say that was one hot call.  The journeys our roleplays took us on were incredible!  I can’t wait to “fall for you” all over again……

Meet me in chat!

 I have been having a blast flirting and getting guys to call me from chat. Our company chat is a great place to meet and set up calls. I have had so many fun, flirty chats!  Why don’t you stop by and chat with the girls and set up a call.

The Klassy Kat Chat Room Link!


My first taste…

I was a very young girl the first time I got my first taste of golden and I guess that is why I’m such a piss whore now.  I think it’s hot when we get really kinky and then you trickle your shower all over my slutty face and in my long,blond hair.  Sometimes you like to shower my perky tits and then pound me again while you watch me play with them.  Other times you like to watch me give you my special lemonade all over your throbbing dick. Mmmmm Anything you want to do I will do…my tiny, fetish cunt needs to be fucked hard and if you like golden play then we are gonna have some kinky fun.  I enjoy all kinds of taboo kink and fetish calls so get wicked with me.

No Limits or Taboos.

*Always cool to send me an email with your fetish role play request, serious inquiries only please.*

Taboo licks-Raemi

You can dine at my “Y” anytime!

I’m working late tonight but you can pick me up if you wanna.  How about a slutty blonde to rock that cock extra hard?  I’m a slutty coed tease that loves to get new cock so you should stop by and grab something to eat.  You know you can always dine at my “Y” open 24-7 to serve you.

You will love my specials and you will want to keep coming back for more.  My sexy, teen voice will make your dick ache for young, tight pussy.  It’s so creamy and smooth you will love licking me up and down before you slide your dick in.

Cum get naughty with a coed hottie!!




Come closer man child take a good, long look at your Goddess. Go ahead, I give you permission to drink me in for a moment.  Perfection…nothing less and yours to worship if you are deemed worthy.  Of course, corruption is always a given and believe me when I utter the very word you will feel it deep down.  Corrupted by a beautiful Goddess this doesn’t seem such a bad thing eh?  You will only be so lucky if I choose to allow you in my presence.

I have no limits with my pets, know this now.  The level of pain or pleasure you will receive is based entirely on my mood in that moment.  Word of advice, be prepared to serve and obey do not fuck with me.  I am a Goddess you will know your place or you will be gone it is really that fucking simple. My Goddess body and voice will lure you into a seductive web of control where you will submit to me… there is NO RETURN.  I will OWN you.  You will be my bitch to corrupt as much as I please, my captive whore pet to serve and amuse his Goddess.

The time to serve is now!

Goddess Jezzabelle

Horny Girl Next Door

It was late at night and only a small light shown through your window just across from my bedroom.  I have noticed you before peeking out the blinds trying to see me sun bathing on my deck or changing in my bedroom.  When I go for my morning jog somehow there you are again picking up your morning paper from the lawn I must say you have impeccable timing.  haha  Guess you gotta be careful not to let wifey know that you secretly want to fuck your hot next door neighbor.

Tonight I decided to give you a real show.  I mean you have been my “peeping tom” for awhile now I think you earned it. haha What you may not know is that your hot next door neighbor is one horny little slut and it makes my cunt drip to be naughty for you.  I got out my favorite toy and opened up my bedroom curtains then I made sure the lighting was right. I slowly,sensually made my hot pussy cum thinking about you stroking your married cock for me. It was a show indeed and you had your very own private VIP pass to my bedroom.  Now you have to find a way to sneak over and play with me while your wife is gone, because this girl next door is always horny for cock!

Slutty kisses,


I Got Fucked Last Night!

Kinky KaitlynYeah! I am a whore! What more can I say! I went to a party last night and got a little too drunk for my own good! I was wearing something slutty, like most college girls do. I was drinking Raspberry Martinis! Which usually hit me fast and HARD! I like things hard! Hehe! I was hanging out with one of my good friends Mia when this guy came up to me. Maybe he knew I was drunk. I mean I must have been a little tipsy and not standing very well. For sure he thought I was an easy fuck. He smiled at me as he approached, handed me a new drink and said, “I’m going to fuck you tonight!” I giggled like a giddy school girl and replied, “Okay!” Yes, I am a whore. I am just going to have to keep telling myself that! The truth hurts sometimes and I am hating this hang over today more than anything. But the sore pussy was well worth the good fucking that guy gave me. And he didn’t even do the gentleman thing and take me to his place or even to a bedroom. No he fucked me right there on the couch in the middle of the party with people yelling and egging him on. And I was the whore that went along with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone video taped it and I will be all over the free porn websites within hours.

I got fucked last night and I am a whore! But at least I can admit it!


What I want…is for you to tease me. I want you to bring me to the brink of orgasm, and then stop. Let the feeling subside, not enough so that I loose it completely, but just enough to keep me from cumming. Coax the moisture from my pussy, drop by drop. Tease me with you hand, your tongue, a vibrator, by whatever means necessary, but don’t let me cum. I may beg and I may plead, but do not give in to me. In fact, I’ll even help you a bit, if you get bored. I’ll let you watch me as I finger and rub myself, and hopefully I’ll have enough self control to stop myself. The feelings get more intense, the longer I hold out. As I lie here, I wonder…are you hard? Does watching me excite you as much as it does me? Or are you getting bored? Again, I have to rub myself some more. I stop typing for a moment, only to gently squeeze my tits with my left hand. Meanwhile my right one keeps a steady up beat, hitting my clit every now and then. Even now, I want to cum so bad. Make cum baby, make me cum…call and make me cuuuummmm.

Something Different

*Singing* Deck my halls with your balls…fa la la la la la la la la. On my knees I’ll make you jolly… fa la la la la la la la la. My Lesbo friend dawns her gay apparel .. fa la la la la la la la. Beads and plugs when I do anal. Fa la la la la la la la la Time to fuck and suck la la la la Time to fuck and suck LA LA LAAAAAAAA.
Yes, I know, I am in a crazy weird mood. Hit me up on the phone guys, it is gonna be one hell of a day and night!