Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Christmas in Chitown

I am sooooooooooooooooo ready to go to Chicago for Christmas!  Not only do I love the parties but I love the stores, the lights, EVERYTHING that is Christmas in Chicago!

I really get noticed there and only stay in the best places, like the Westin.  And the men love me up there, especially my big tits, they love to tittyfuck me!  I am never without a date or an escort there and I love to see the sights!

But the best fireworks take place in my hotel room there.  After doing the town up right, I usually wind up in my room with a gang of hot guys for the weekend.  Fuck, suck, more FUCKING!  Maybe on Monday, I’ll catch up with you on State Street, or on Dailey Plaza, or at Navy Pier – we’ll do lunch or dinner Winking smile.

A Hot Voice or a Younger Man

Wow, a tough choice.  As you know by now, I love all kinds of phone sex and men.  But there’s just something about a hot, MALE voice or those strong YOUNGER men, whether they’re broadcasters, athletes, preppies, professionals or even the pizza delivery boys.  Oh HELL, you all make this SLUT that can’t get enough, MELT!!  Call me and talk dirty in my ear, I’m soooooooo ready for a SEX marathon!

Clusterfuck Black Friday

God, it was CRAZY going shopping last Friday!  Yes, I do mean BLACK FRIDAY!  And I do this EVERY year.

I always hand pick one of my MANY sugar daddies (who also happen to usually be a “friend with benefits” – winks) and take them with me to the malls and the department stores and they buy nice, little, skimpy nothings for me and ONLY me.  We go into the dressing rooms and I try each and every thing on and model it for them.  They fondle and tease me and we spend HOURS doing that!

Then we go eat at our favorite restaurant at our favorite table.  We have a few drinks, hardly touching our food.  We are too busy, having foreplay at our table.  Time to go!  His limo takes us back to my place where I model every single piece again that he bought me and he takes me in every room in the house!  Yes, it was maniacal during Black Friday, but it truly was a CLUSTER FUCK at my house! Open-mouth smile

Rain Rain Go Away

Oh my God, it’s been raining cats and dogs here for the past TWO days.  I wish it would stop just for a little while, at least.  The weather guy says that we will probably get three inches of rain out of this.  Sheesh!

I couldn’t do anything outside, so I decided to put up my Christmas tree, watch Rudolph for the millionth time, and then watch some old movies of myself being with some of my former lovers and some of the fun that we had.  Those times were something else, the memories so HOT and vivid, especially my older lovers.  Don’t get me wrong now – I LOVE all men!  But the older ones…… the endless foreplay, the way that they play my body PERFECTLY.  Mmmmm, let’s just say that they know what “buttons” to push in an outstanding way!  Come on, all of you guys out there, call me and show me what YOU’VE got!


Are you ready to be dominated by a fiery redhead that knows how to get what she wants. If you are then cum play with me! Let’s be each others playthings! I like being in total control making you worship me and do all the naughty things that make me wet with desire. So tell me how much you love being my personal fuck boy and how being between my warm full breast is what you think of constantly. My big plump nipples in your mouth licking and teasing them with your teeth. That’s it bitch boy! Handle them the right way or you will be severely punished and trust me when I say my method of punishment will be both painful and enjoyable it will be. Now come service your hot, red vixen and remember be a good boy or else!

Sex kitten wants to play!

Everyone knows what a naughty sex kitten I am that’s no secret for sure. I have already been thinking of some kinky positions I could get into for you and spread my purrrrrty *meow* You know you love how tight and hot my honey hole is.

Mmmm…the way you pet my purrrty kitty makes me so yummy & wet I always beg for more. I never have to beg to much though my sexy tom is always eager to respond.  Mmm let’s get naughty now your kitten needs you.

French kisses on your cock,



On your knees for Mistress Maxine

I want you on your knees everytime you call me. You will worship every inch of me. Weak, pathetic losers like you don’t deserve my respect. You will only get verbal abuse and humiliation from me. I’m a dominant bitch and you will obey me if you know what’s good for you. You’re only purpose is to serve ME and ONLY ME you worthless loser. I’ll make you beg for my attention and you will grovel at my perfect feet. Are you ready to worship and spoil your new addiction? You really don’t have a choice so pick up the phone and dial Mistress Maxine NOW!

~My Favorite Fetishes~
Financial Domination
Tease and Denial
Body Worship

Mistress Maxine @ 1-866-949-9729
My Domination Phone Sex Page

Dirty Phonesex Roleplays

Yeah I know, I look sweet and innocent! I know it’s hard to believe but I LOVE dirty taboo roleplays. OMG my tiny cunny drips when I get all nasty on my phone sex calls. It’s fun getting into the most over the top fantasies like extreme age play, pedo fantasies and teen pussy raping. I guess I don’t have a favorite, I just get off to all of them! There’s something about older men that really gets me going. Maybe it’s their experience or that I associate older men with my daddy. Growing up as a daddy’s girl I learned to appreciate older dick. I’d rather get banged out by kinky older guys than the guys my age. Are you a nasty pedo loving pervert just like me? Mmmmm! Call me and let’s get off to something nasty together.

Size Queen for BBC

I’m a size queen that LOVES big black cock. I’m submissive to big dicks but dominant with my cuckold hubby. If his supposed cock wasn’t so small I wouldn’t have to fuck other men to be pleased. It’s okay though, he’s already accepted the fact that I only want his money. He understands his pathetic shrimp dick is worthless to me. Lately, I’m not only been fucking his boss but his sexy black co worker. He’s hung like a horse and I’m addicted…I can’t help begging for his dark meat when I see him. He knows how to please all of my holes like they deserve to be pleased. My pussy drips and quivers whenever I sit on his lap and feel his hard on rubbing on me. He’s a real man…something my cuckold husband will never be.

Kinky KiKi

Memories of a slutty teen summer!

I remember the summer of my sophomore year of high school and all the really naughty things I did.  My best friend and I stayed at her parent’s beach house for a few weeks and well all that freedom was just to irresistible for two naughty teens.  Oh, and we were nowhere close to legal age for anything but we weren’t gonna tell!

We used our sexy tight teen bods to pretty much get what ever we desired and then some.  ha Some things never change right?  One night we decided to get all dressed up in tight,short skirts,skimpy little tops and heels.  We walked down to this really trendy club on the beach.  Within minutes of sitting at the bar this older man started buying our drinks as fast as we could guzzle.  We teased and gave little peeks of this and that until we had him throwing $$$$ at us.

What a wild night that was we gave him a private lap dance back at the beach house and then we shared his cock like two little sluts.  We were hot and naked when suddenly her dad walked in.  We totally freaked and thought we were in a heap of trouble but guess what daddy didn’t mind at all.  IN fact he encouraged us to continue and happily stroked his huge throbbing rod.  You can probably guess what happened next or can you?  haha Give me a call I would love to tell you all the naughty details or even better let’s do a hot role play of our own.

Kiss-Kiss ttys!!