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Letting the devil loose

Hey all! I have had yet another weekend full of fun with Halloween parties. And of course I cannot go to parties with the same costume. It’s a good thing that I have a closet FULL of naughty costumes! Last night I went as a naughty nurse and Friday I went as the dirty lil devil! I have so much fun dressing up and feeling sexy! I love to go to parties, it doesn’t seem like I get the opprotunity to go to many these days! My friends need to take a hint and throw more parties, or maybe I should just throw my own. I love to dance, and drink and just get naughty! I drank sooo many jello shots this weekend that I think I may be jelloed out for a while! But I still had a blast and am kind of sad that it’s all come to an end. Well there is always next year!

Halloween Time

What’s your favorite Halloween Sex story?

Mine is from last year. I was dressed up as Kim Kardashian, I almost have the ass for it! Anyways I went to this party and I started talking to this guy who was dressed up as a football player. He was black and I went up to him and was joking and started screaming, “Reggie, Reggie, it’s me Kim!” The guy thought my joke was hilarious and we decided to go along the rest of the night as Kim and Reggie and we ended the night the way most couples do, fucking like crazy!!! He had a nice sized cock which made me wonder if Reggie has as nice of a cock.

Facial from Mommy’s boyfriend

OMIGOSH I was a really bad girl last night! Hard to believe I know right?  Shhhhhh don’t tell but I gave Mommy’s boyfriend a hand job last night. It was just so easy to tease him and the more I wiggled my sweet young, sexxxxy ass in front of him the harder his big rod got.  Plus, I was totally bored waiting on my girIs to pick me up for the Halloween party, I couldn’t help myself! I unzipped his jeans, jerked out that swollen shaft and started stroking.  He moaned and told me how soft and sweet my slender fingers felt going up and down.  I rubbed his fat mushroom head and worked his thick ridge with my thumb.  Mmmm It really did make my mouth water but before I gotta chance to go down that thick,creamy love jizz went all over my face and in my hair.

He totally gave me a sperm facial and I loved every second of it! Haha Poor Mommy has no clue either.  I can’t help it! I know I’m bad but I always get what I want and Mommy needs to share.  Cum play with me 2nite~ that is if you can handle me!

Bratty teen Bree :p

Daddy really hurt me

I was laying in the corner of my room, scared and in tears, my arms ached from being pulled behind me.  My wrists were burning red and still had the imprints of the rope that had tied them together. MY body was covered in my robe that had small blotches of blood and sperm soaked into it.   For the last two hours I have been crying from what daddy did to me earlier.  The pain has eased from my pussy a little bit but deep inside me, my womb was throbbing in pain…..Daddy is always so vicious when I am a bad girl.

I decided I would be a cow girl…..


Thanks for all the guys who helped choose my costume I decided to go as a cowgirl instead…. Do you like?

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Lovers!!!

I have had so much fun this year dressing up and celebrating this holiday! I hope you have been enjoying all the festivities. Last night a few friends and I went to a haunted house. I love haunted houses! I love getting scared and screaming! Reminds me of sex, well actually the only part that’s familiar is the screaming of course! But none the less! I love the haunted houses! I love getting to dress up and being sexy! I would love to hear some of your all time favorite holiday costumes and memories! So why don’t you give me a call and let’s talk about it!

Fetish Phone Sex

Halloween brings out the freak in me. I want to be your sexy vampire whore and get really taboo in fetish play.  Being your dark fantasy makes my tight lil pussy just ache for your delicious hard cock.

It is time to explore those wicked fantasies you try to deny. All fantasy and fetish play welcome~ No limits.

Deep Kisses,


Cool Hand Chloe

What we have here is a failure to communicate!!!! I love that movie!!!! So this year for Halloween I channeled my own ‘Cool Hand Luke” costume! Officer Chloe at your service! I know I am the girl in sooo many of your fantasies and I have no problem with that! I love dressing up and fulfilling your fantasies. Isn’t that what I do on soooo many of your calls? I love role playing. I love becoming that sexy girl you all love to fuck! And I am hoping that this weekend I get fucked and of course I get fucked good! I love a good fuck! Who doesn’t right? I hope you all have so much fun this weekend and of course have as much sex as your cock can handle! I know that’s what my little tight pussy will be doing!

Spank me!

“Give me those,” commanded mommy, reaching for my ankles. The  kicked feebly but stopped to shriek as mom’s boyfriend delivered the first slap across my exposed ass. Smiling, mommy pulled back on my  legs and rubbed my smooth bald pussy harder with her fingers.

“You can do better than that,” admonished mommy.  “Spank her harder!”

He smacked my ass once again.   “You can do better than that! Slap this little girl’s ass hard! I want to hear it, and I want to see some red skin down there!”  He basically started whaling on my ass at that point and mommy continue to rub my swollen little cunnie.   This wasn’t my first spanking, I knew mommy wasn’t going to let him stop spanking me until I came for her.  He smiled and smacked the backs of my thighs three more times, much harder than before.  Right then I couldn’t take it for a second longer, I started squirting cum uncontrollably, soaking mommys hand.  She licked her fingers clean and told me I was a goood girl…

Naughty girls will be naughty~

I survived round one of Halloween parties last night wow but did it ever get wild. Pretty much turned into one huge orgy and a lot of girl on girl action.  You guys know how sweet and innocent I am 😉 Of course I would never participate in such erotic sex acts. Yeah right~ I was like nioooce I love hot girl on girl sex.

Licking her hot sweet sex while my boyfriend’s brother devoured my aching lil cunt was amazing.  He totally made my tight hot pussy oooze sex juice into his mouth.  Believe me he wanted seconds too.

So many naughty things to do…so little time.  I am ready to get extreme with you cum find me.

Sexy Sadie