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Cum Warm Me Up!

Dont you just love when the weather starts to get cooler? I do! It makes my nipples so hard and it seems to make the guys horny too. I want to just find some hard cock and heat things up. Thats why I really love my phone sex gig. It has kept me from getting cold now that the weather is getting chilly. If you haven’t checked out my web site please check it out and let me know what you think~ And while your there could you please vote for me. It takes just a minute and it really helps me out.

Sex with strangers is always the best!

As I was laying out on the beach yesterday I couldn’t help but be my normal dick tease self.  Sitting not far from me was this older guy who had an extremely obvious hard-on in his shorts while staring at me.  He was of course trying to be discreet and play it off as if he wasn’t actually looking.

I could tell he was extremely nervous.  It was written all over his face that he wanted to cum over and say hi.  So I blew him a little kiss and waved and he came on over.  He told me how beautiful I was and then asked me if he could buy me a drink from the bar up on the pier.

When he came back with my drink I hadn’t yet decided if he was “fuckable” material yet so I had to test the waters a bit persay.  I asked him if he could rub some suntan oil on my back to get a feel for how good he was with his hands.  He had the perfect massage, firm but not too hard.  I still wasn’t sure though if he was “fuckable” yet so after chatting a while I asked him if he wanted to kiss me.  The eagerness on his face was priceless.  He leaned forward and kissed me and had minty fresh breath, soft lips and sucked the end of my tongue just how I like my clit sucked.  Yep he was “fuckable” indeed I finally decided.  It really is all about the kiss, guys that aren’t good kissers certainly cannot eat pussy right.

So we spent the afternoon on the beach, me teasing him unmercifully of course.  As it was getting dark he asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner or something and I told him “sure, just as soon as we get done fucking”.  We didn’t go far, right to the hotel that was only a few hundred yards away.  The tension was pretty intense, we didn’t even make it up to the room all the way before the clothes were coming off and our tongues were intertwined in some very passionate and hot kisses.  By time we got to the room my bikini top was undone and his cockhead was peeping out of the bottom of his shorts.  Once in the room he picked me up and put me in the bed and preceded to lick off every speck of sand and suntan oil from every spot on my body.  I told him I wanted to go take a shower but he wasn’t having any of that.  He gave me a tongue bath and then settled in between my legs and licked my pussy for an hour and a half.  One orgasm right after the other, it was pretty incredible.  Nothing turns me on more than a kinky pussy eater.

We finally fucked, and fucked hard.  After wards he was a cleanup boy once again and sucked his cum right off of my pussy lips where he had deposited it at…..Certainly a good afternoon of kinky fun.

We then went shopping at a store right there off of the beach and went out for a nice romantic dinner and then back to the hotel room for lots more sucking and fucking!

Daddys plz fuck me!

 I am sitting  in  my room waiting for you daddy. I’m in my little nighty and my cotton panties. My hand is on my little pussy and I am so needing to fuck my daddy. I need someone who knows  what daddy’s lil girl needs. A hard cock and some rough sex. Daddy Please come to my room now!

 Daddy’s Girl,


Cum serve teen Princess A.J.

*giggles* I have this older neighbor dude that I have been teasing for a really long time ha.  Well, he drools all over himself when he see me walk by his house in my slutty little *cumfuckme* outfits.

This past weekend though OMG OMG OMG I had like a “hottie sleepover” with all my gf’s and there he was peeking in my bedroom window spying on us.  We decided to give him a show so all of us piled on the bed and started making out with each other.  Frenching, playing with each other’s tight pink holes.  Mmmm was really fun teasing him and making him get a huge bulge in his jeans for us!

The next day i’m leaving to meet my friends at the mall and there he was kneeling beside my car telling me I am his “princess” and that he worships me. lmfao

“If you worship me then lick my tight teen a-hole slut!”  I made him worship my pussy and ass right there in the driveway where everyone in the neighborhood could see.  As if I care what everyone thinks haha!  Not even!  When I was satisfied I gave him  my panties and told him to wrap my silky g-string around his cock and stroke it for me.  Of course, I made him SCREAM that he worshiped “Princess A.J.”.

After he finished I made him wash my car, do my chores and give me money for the mall.  Hahaha wimpy subs are so much fun to use and so easy to even for a tiny teen princess like me :p

The Dad I’d Like to Fuck

While I was shaving my pussy today, I didn’t notice at first, but my shade was up and the “Dad I’d Like to Fuck” across the street was watching me.  He is so hot, I’ve had a crush on him, ever since they moved in.  He walked closer and kept watching and I could see that he was getting hard in his shorts, I was nervous and blushing, but it got me so horny. I went to the door and asked him if he would like to help me finish, I finished shaving my pussy. Then he got down on his knees and licked my silky soft petal pussy I squirted all over his face. That made his cock even harder. He pushed my legs back and went to hammering my pussy.
His wife must not fuck him enough, but I will be milking his cock from now on!


I feel as sexy as I look in my stockings…

I adore being a girlie girl and putting on my stockings.  Most girls can’t wait to get home and take off their stockings but I love how they feel against my skin.  In fact I never wear panties under them just so I can spend the day feeling that prolonged rubbing against my pussy lips.  By the end of the day my lips are so swollen and sensitive I can barely wait to be able to rub my pussy.

I love sticking my hand in my pantyhose and rubbing it that way or hand out pushing the nylon material up between my cunnie lips, the heat from the friction is amazing.

After I squirt all over my pantyhose I then take them off and suck my juice out of them, enjoying every last delicious drop.


Fun times with Shawnee

Hello Lovers to be… Are you feeling lonely tonight? Do you need a really hot girl to talk with about taboo stuff? Do you have a secret that you need to share, something to get off your chest? Why not confide in me? I have my own taboo stories that I would lover to share. I have taboo fantasies as well. I am so not judge mental!!! Far from it really! I love to talk with guys about their naughtiest thoughts! Their deepest secrets! Their hottest fantasy! So give me a call and let’s start sharing! You tell me and I’ll tell you! Or if you’d rather do a hot role play, I am all about that! I love getting into a role and becoming the girl you desire! I love getting to know so many different types of people! So let’s get to know each other! Tell me stuff you won’t share with anyone! You know I’ll keep your secret! And you’ll feel so much better afterwards! So what are you waiting for, call me up!

Sex In The Kitchen

My boyfriend was home for a few day this past weekend and it was so nice to spend some time with him. Although it wasn’t all alone time, like I would have liked. Sunday he decided to have a few of his friends over to watch some football. I was more than happy to be his little hostess and help entertain. Mostly that meant grabbing beers and making snacks. My boyfriend could tell I wasn’t the happiest about having to share our short time together with his friends. I was in the kitchen making some food and grabbing some beers and my boyfriend came in. He came up behind me and had his hands all over me. Grabbing my tits and slapping my ass playfully. It was hot and I so wanted to have him inside me! That’s usually all I can think about when he’s around. He had his hand up my skirt and gave me a nice smile when he found out I wasn’t wearing any panties. He picked me up and sat me on the kitchen counter. Kissing me as he fingered my pussy, getting me nice and wet for his big cock. I reached down and was getting that nice cock out when in the corner of my eye I saw one of his friends in the doorway to the kitchen, watching us in surprise. I was stroking my boyfriend’s cock while staring right as his friend who had his eyes locked on me. It turned me on that he was watching us. My boyfriend grabbed me and pulled me closer then he was driving his cock into my pussy! The whole time he fucked me I stared at this friend. His friend watching as I had one of the best orgasms. Then he quickly walked away before my boyfriend turned around. It was so hot! I never knew being watched would be such a turn on for me!

Sensual Seductions

Nothing feels better after a long day at work then to be greeted at the door by a beautiful leggy goddess just waiting to fulfill your every desire.  To feel her fingers running up and down your back as she leans in and kisses you on the lips, the neck, the chest.  The door closes behind you and you are pulled into a sensual scene.  Sexy music, candles, and a blanket spread out in front of a roaring fire.  Soon your clothes are in a pile on the floor, you’re leaning back against satin pillows and your goddess stands in front of you, slowly pulling that silk nightie down, revealing those luscious tits.  You sit up, run your hand up her leg and feel the warmth between her thighs.  She’s been waiting for you, thinking of this moment all day.  She pushes you back down and sits down in your lap, her breasts right in your face.  All the stress of the day leaves your body as you feel her pressing up against you, teasing you with that wet pussy.  Soon you can think of nothing and no one but her, being inside of her and feeling her above you, your bodies rocking together in time for what seems like forever.  Together you explode and collapse backwards to take a deep breath as the music plays on and the fire roars.  She will reach for you again and again tonight, making you feel like nothing else matters.

Are you ready for a sensual phone sex call like no other?  I’ve been waiting for you all day……come with me



Big Breasts Worship

 How much do you love the sight of big breasts squeezed together, beckoning you to wrap your hands around that cool smooth flesh? I love to have my big juicy tit squeezed, caressed and sucked, my nipples getting hard and sensitive. Some tits were made for sucking and fucking and these are perfect for your big tit worship needs. When you need to see a real woman playing with her big titties call me!