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All men are beautiful to me

A friend of mine asked me a perplexing question today. “ What male celebrity do you find to be the sexiest?” That is an easy answer. Guy Farelli. For those of you that do not know who he is he has several shows on the Food Network. A middle aged slightly chubby guy. He is so hot to me!

That realization made me think. Maybe that is why I love my job so much. The majority of my callers are middle aged married guys that would not be considered “fine” by the average girl. Well guess what, I am not the average girl apparently. I actually find guys just like you to be totally sexy.

Now I know this is all hard to believe coming from someone who is as sexy as I am, but it really is the truth. I love all men. Tall , short, young, old, fat, skinny , every ethnicity and flavor. You are all beautiful and made for me to enjoy. I want to enjoy you all…..every last drop of you! *wink*

Mutual masturbation…

Last night I had a pretty interesting experience. Me, a female friend of mine and a guy friend of mine just sat around in my living room together and masturbated. It started out with my girlfriend showing me her new piercing she got on her clit. Well while she was showing us that I noticed my guy friend got a huge erection in his pants so I teased him about it.

Next thing I know he just whips his dick out to show me “being I was paying so much attention to his crotch” as he says. So I tell him if that is how it is then maybe we should all have a peep show so I wiggle out of my shorts and show him mine. We were just sort of laughing and teasing each other verbally and before long all 3 of us were rubbing ourselves. That was so erotic. There really is nothing like watching someone pleasure themselves. Plus the scent in the air of another girls pussy, mixed with mine and his manly scent was just driving me crazy. All 3 of us kept playing with ourselves and encouraging each other on how to touch ourselves until all 3 of us climaxed almost simultaneously.

If you have never masturbated with a partner, take it from this dirty slut you should give it a try…..


I love being a nasty little vixen for men that have big sexual hunger for a nymph like me. Take my big ample breast in your hands and squeeze real tight. Oh! how I love the feel of your strong hands all over my body. Make me tremble with hot desire for your hard erect cock. Let me taste you on my juicy pink lips. Fill my warm, wet mouth with your juice!! I long for your touch and your sweet erotic kisses. Make me your personal little sex kitten. Make me purr only for you. And lets make hot passionate love all through the night! If you truly want to be inside of me, give me a call and feel all the warmth I have for you!! Kisses….Mmmm

Busty Bianca

Black Cock Fetish phone sex

Can YOU picture it? My pretty white skin against a very black man.. There is just something so erotic to me about seeing a big black cock sliding into my pretty pink pussy. The contrast is so sensual and so HOT. And what makes biracial sex taboo for me is I am a true southern Belle. It is so forbidden for me to be fucking  big black studs. But I cant help it. Its SO HOT don’t ya think??

Call me: Cindy

Anything goes phone sex

Have you been having some really naughty fantasys? Would you like something so taboo and so naughty that your cock will explode just thinking about it? How about a little Accomplice phone sex.

   Does it make your dick hard thinking about having some nasty fun with someone who doesn’t want you? Maybe a sweet young virgin…  Can you imagine how fresh and sweet a never been touched pussy might taste? Well let me help you kidnap and use and abuse a sweet young thing. Yes I know it is a very naughty fantasy but isn’t that what makes phone sex fun? Doing something in your head  you’d never do in real life..

I am Alex and I will be you Accomplice to Rape phone sex


Did you miss me?

Of course you did! I’m sorry that you’ve had to miss me so much! I didn’t think that I would be away for so long. But I am back now and I am very HORNY!  I haven’t had sex in sooooo long. My pussy is craving some good cock! Sometimes being single sucks! That cock isn’t immediately available like it is when I am in a relationship. But at least I have you! I can always count on you to help get me off! So CALL ME!!!! I’ve missed getting off with you!

Cock Whore Special!

I’ve been having some trouble with my math homework lately so I decided to higher my best friend’s brother as a tutor. He came over the other night to help me study for this exam. After a few hours I was getting really bored and I think he could tell. I suggested we have some fun instead. He couldn’t  think of what we should do, but I had plenty in my dirty little mind ….

Before he knew it, my tits were in his face as I straddled his lap, feeling his rock hard cock against my pussy. I love a nice thick hard cock. I love being a dirty little cock sucker.I slid his cock right into my mouth and sucked him right until he came all over my face.

I want all the cum I can get.. Treat me like a Cock whore !

Cock Whore Special

10 Min – $18.00

15 Min – $25.00

20 Min – $34.00

60 Min – $85.00

Be sure to mention my COCK WHORE SPECIAL !!!


I often wonder how it is that I became a pedo.  When I was deciding on what career I wanted to follow I just wanted to be a teacher to nurture young minds and educate them.

Somehow once I started actually teaching I found this intense attraction to my students.  At first it was the little boys.  My first call was 6th grade.  That is when lets boys hormones start raging like crazy.  I started noticing that some of the boys had little erections.  I also noticed at any given opportunity they would brush against me to get a squeeze of my ass.  My boobs seemed to be a constant focal point for their little eager eyes.

Noticing that they were paying attention to me, the effect I had on their little boy hormones started turning me on immensely.

My first sexual encounter was actually very clique.  Little boy in trouble in my class….after school detention….his little boy cock was hard in his pants and next thing I know I am blowing him right there in my classroom.

After that I slowly became a full blown pedo.  My interests expanded to include little girls too.  Most of all I realized I was totally enjoying just getting them to play with each other.  Watching little boys and girls play with each other is pretty sexy.

Then I discovered a fascination with turning the little boys into little faggots and making them play with each other.  Making them stroke each other’s baby cocks and rub their smooth little dicks up against each other and stick it in to each other’s little tight virgin asses.  Same with the girls, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, making 2 little girls lick each other.

I don’t necessarily even have to do anything to them personally, just watching them has me rubbing my pussy…..BEING A PEDO TEACHER IS SO DAMN HOT!

Submissive ready to serve you….

Being submissive is such a natural thing for me.  In my mind women were created and designed but submit to men.  Our bodies, our minds and our spirits are naturally submissive.  My pussy is shaped perfectly for a mans cock.  My natural need to be nurturing and “take care of a man” is what feels right.  Giving myself completely for him to enjoy and use to satisfy himself makes me feel complete.  Will you be my Master and help me to feel complete, Sir?

Roleplay Phone Sex

I want to start my weekend with some really dirty roleplay phone sex! Naughty roleplays are my favorite type of call because I get to be someone totally naughty and different. What girl doesn’t love being the hot failing student or the sexy girl next door? I know I do. I can get into any kind of roleplay, there isn’t anything too naughty. 😉 I’m always anything goes when it comes to roleplay phone sex. Do you think you can handle a hot blonde like me? Well let’s find out! Call me.

Mimi 1-866-746-8919
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