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His “Special” Camera

Well I have had this caller call me a few times and we have done a few of his favorite role plays. The one I did the other night was sooooo hot I really got off on it. I was his next door neighbor about 18 years old, he was about 13 and had this project to do for his photography class. I agreed to model for him, since I am just a nice girl like that. What I didn’t know was that his camera had a magic power that every time it flashed, it would make me relax more and it would make me sleepy and groggy to the point that I didn’t quite have control of what I was doing. The more pictures he took, the more relaxed I became. Before I knew it I was changing into my bikini and he was having me do things so that I would accidentally fall out of my top, exposing my tits for him to see. Finally he had me where he wanted me, Laying on the lounge chair and I had no control of what was happening. I was under his spell and would pretty much do anything he wanted. he convinced me to take my top off which I would have never agreed to if it weren’t for his magic flash. I also wouldn’t have agreed to him taking pictures of me topless, or him taking my bottoms off, or let alone him taking his clothes off and fucking me! But that’s what happened! Lucky kid!!!! See if I ever agree to letting him take my pictures again! hehe Knowing me I probably will!

Incest is hot!

It has just always been one of those things that I have always thought about and that I have always thought was hot! I like the idea of fucking my daddy or my brother! There is just something so hot about those calls! It’s even better when I get to be the innocent virgin who’s daddy catches her masturbating! Maybe daddy needs to teach her the “right” way to do it. Maybe daddy needs to show her what I’m not suppose to let the boys do to me! There are just sooooooo many possibilities of where it can go with daddy or my brother! I have a really good imagination and would love to come up with something that would turn you on and rock your boots off! So if you are into so taboo role playing, give me a call! I’d love to cum with you while we chat!

Submissive Slut Callie gets on her knees at the office for your cock

Oh baby you sound like you had a bad day on the phone. But I know just what to do. I come and visit you at work. I get down on my knees and crawl to your cock. Mmmm I take it in my mouth not even stopping when you secretary asks what you want for lunch. Oh yeah baby explode in my mouth. I feel your warm liquid gush down my throat.


Every afternoon while my husband is at work… I go to this park.  It’s very run down and nobody goes there anymore since they built a bigger and better one on the other side of town.  This is now a fuck part.  Where people meet to have affairs and fuck.

I drive there every day at the same time.  I leave my house at 11:30 and sit in my car and start to masturbate.  I know that there will be some dirty married man who is dieing to get laid or have the touch of a women, on his lunch break.  It happens all the time.  I just sit there with my shirt open and play with my tits so they know I am available.

Are you a married man who would love to have an affair with me at lunch??  Well, pull your car up to mine and hop right in.  I’ll take care of that cock of yours.  I know what it’s like to be married and have nothing from your spouse.  They are too busy and too tired for us.  Let’s meet on your lunch break and take care of each others needs.

Jerk Off Jessica

I had a really awesome weekend!!! OMG!  My Daddy sneaked me into the Hustler Adult Store this weekend!  Big Daddy bought me my first dildo, took me in the back where the booths are and taught his baby girl how to masturbate. It was so exciting, raunchy and hot in there but I loved every minute.   I guess that makes me a very nasty, little girl?  My Daddy is such a good teacher but his time is very limited so  I’m looking for a new Daddy, to show his   Baby Girl Jessica some new things.  I learn really fast and I won’t disappoint you.  So call me and let’s have some Family Fun,  this little Princess will be waiting  in her room.


Gracie Gives Head

Hello there, I’m Gracie and I’m hoping to find a nice Daddy out there.  When school ends I can time the city bus just right, so I can come suck you off while Wifey is at the gym.

I may even dress up in one of her outfits for you as well, the naughtier the better!  Lucky for you,I don’t have much of a gag reflex, we’re going deep!!  I’m hungry and craving a meaty cock, If you wish to be pleasantly pleased call me.

An explosive cum is a sure guarantee with this whorish teen.


I have the best ass in town

Not only do I have the best ass in town, I am also the best piece of ass in town! LOL! If you think sleeping with a 19 year old is going to get your rocks off, then go ahead and try it. But I can guarantee that they will not be able to do all the things I can do to you! I can rock your world SO much better! I have more experience! I am probably more than you can handle! I am so sexual and horny that I would make those 19 year old girls blush! Not only can I fuck all night long, but I can also keep a conversation with you! I can talk for hours in bed with you. I am a pretty smart girl that will keep you guessing until you are hard and ready to go again! So if you want to fuck a fine piece of ass, hit me up! You won’t regret it!

Sex with the gardener….

I was out doing some gardening today! I got nice and dirty with my hot Hispanic gardener! I have been getting kind of lonely lately sitting at home alone and bored during the day! I have had my eye on this young piece of meat who has been mowing my grass this summer! So i decided to go out and plant some flowers, hehe okay well really I just decided to go out and lay in the sun! I wore my tiniest bikini and went in the back yard while he was mowing the yard! I could tell he was checking me out, I could feel his eyes burning into me with hunger! I don’t know if he was much over a day of 18 but really I didn’t care! I had a need and only he could fulfill it! I yelled for him to come over and asked him to put some lotion on my shoulders and back. As he sat behind me I instructed for him to undo my ties and I could feel his fingers tremble. He was so nervous! Once my back was nice and lotioned up I had him do the front, bare chested. I felt his hands shake as he put lotion onto my chest, rubbing it in. I could see his erection in his shorts. I knew I needed to make my move quickly before he came in his shorts! I invited him inside for some nice cold lemonade! Once inside I told him to take his shorts off and fuck me! Hehe, he was so excited I have never seen a guy/boy take his clothes off so fast! I told him to try really hard not to cum too fast but it was a waste of words, he came in my pussy within seconds. I told him to finish mowing the lawn and to come back inside when he was down for round two! And boy was it worth the wait! He lasted so long the second time around! It was so good I decided he needed to do my lawn twice a week!

Grandma’s New Spa

His grandfather, my husband, died when he was about fifteen, and I never remarried. He had always wondered why, and sometimes he wondered if I dated. I would go over and visit my grandson, and I found a journal he was writing in. I remember being in shock, his journal was all about me!

I sat and read it:

He used to wonder what I looked like naked, if my body was still in good enough shape for a man to
be interested. She isn’t bad looking at all. She has dark, jet-black hair, and I figured the color came from
a bottle. Hell, I didn’t care. A person of 59 has to do what they have to do in order to look good, I figured.She has good-sized tits, and I didn’t see too many wrinkles. She took good care of herself, and she looked just fine to me. Just the thought of her having sex began to excite me. I wondered what it would be like tohave sex with her. I suddenly realized one day, as she was sitting across the table from me just chatting away, that I had the hots for my grandmother. I actually went from the thought of wondering what she did for sex to the point of wanting to have sex with her. I really didn’t know when the thought changed.

It actually shocked me, to think that I was sitting there, my grandson getting a hard on from looking at my tits straining against my blouse. I hadn’t realized until just then how much a part of my sexual fantasies had lately been devoted to him, to thinking about what it would be like to suck on his cock and have him fondle my tits. I sat there, red-faced, closed the journal and put it back where I found it.

I stopped by his house a few days later with an announcement that I had bought one of those new, above-the-ground spas for my house. It would be installed in my back yard, close to my patio, and it would have a bar, and a gazebo on top, made of red wood latticework. I had been wanting one for years, it seemed like an outside paradise, a dream, and it was finally going to be in my back yard. I told him i want to plant bamboo around the perimeter and all that. “I’d be more than glad to help you with it,” I heard my grandson say. I’m sure he didnt know what, exactly, the work was going to entail.

My eyes widened. He had never volunteered to do any sort of labor, ever.  I looked at him and beamed at him with a great big smile. “Great,” I said, “Saturday, I think we should put the plants in then.”

The next Saturday, he arrived at my house and took a good look at my new spa. It was already running, and
the water was nice and warm, but there were no bubbles. I had turned it on low, the way I liked it. It would
heat faster on low, and then later, when the water got really hot, I would put it on ‘high’ and turn on the

There were about fifteen large pots of bamboo and all kinds of other tropical plants, just waiting for someone with a green thumb and some energy to start working. He worked his ass off for about 3 or 4 hours, and dripping with sweat, he had dug the last hole and planted some type of enormous, broad-leafed thing that looked more like a tree than a tropical plant. Tarzan could have hidden in the thing, and no one would have been any the wiser. The damned thing must have weighed about eighty pounds. I felt sorry for him.

I stood there next to my grandson and surveyed our handiwork. It was gorgeous, with the plants hiding the spa from just about any angle. There was a small concrete and rock pathway that wound around some of the plants. It truly was a paradise, right there in my back yard. “I’m so pleased, I don’t know how to thank you,” I told him.  “You need a shower and some lunch, and a nice cold drink to go with it,” I said.

He went into the house with me and took a shower, wrapping a towel around him when he was done. he was
surprised to find, when he walked into the kitchen, that I was in a bathing suit.”I’m ready for a quiet, relaxing time in the spa,” I said with a smile. “You will, of course, help celebrate it by getting in with me, that is, as soon as you’ve had a sandwich and a soda, OK?” He nodded, taken aback by how his Grandma looked in the skimpy bathing suit. My tits were, indeed big and round, and my legs were smooth and muscular. I could see his cock jerk up and begin to grow, just underneath the towel wrapped around him. “I’ll get you a robe,” but for now, just sit and have a chicken sandwich.”

He started eating, sometimes pressing down on his hard cock, trying to find a comfortable position in which to sit. It wouldn’t go away — the more attention he paid to it, the harder it seemed to get. “Here you go, Martin,” I say. He turned, and I stood there with a short terry cloth robe in my hand. I looked at him, and then down at his crotch just briefly. There was the hint of a smile on my face! He took the robe and put it on the chair beside him as I sat across from him. Me sitting there didn’t help the hard on go away at all. It just made it worse. It wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t help it that he was aroused, in fact I’m sure he  wished then that he wasn’t.

“OK, let’s go christen the spa,” I said with a smile. “I don’t have any trunks,” he says. “Well, there’s some undies, Or, you can go as you are. I’ll turn my head, and the bubbles will hide you, anyway. He swallowed. The thought of being naked with Grandma in the spa really thrilled him, I knew, but he didn’t know how to act. He would probably cum in my water, just from sitting close to me like that!!

We went out to the spa, Martin carrying the robe and wearing the towel wrapped around him. The material rubbed against his hard cock head with every step, and I thought he would cum before we even got to the spa! I was the first to get in, and ! flipped the switch, putting the jets on a higher flow and making bubbles shoot up. Then I looked at Martin. “I’ll turn my head, and you jump in,” I say. Sure enough, I turned my head, and he got in the spa. The water was warm, and it was extremely comfortable and relaxing after having worked so hard to get all the plants in the ground.

“A glass of wine, we need a damned glass of wine.” As I got out of the spa, my leg came into contact with Martin’s, and I tripped slightly and reached down to hold myself up. My hand went right into the water, pressing against his hard, aching cock! I pulled my hand away and looked into my grandson’s eyes. I didn’t say a word, just stepped over the edge and let him look at my sexy ass. With my legs parted, he could see,
up-close, hairs poking out of the crotch of my bikini bottom. I believe i heard his cock jump. Either that or we have a fish floppin in the spa! LOL!! 

I brought back a chilled bottle from the little bar beside the gazebo, and with shaking hands, poured us both a glass of chilled Burgundy. It was delicious, and I felt a warm glow as the wine settled in my stomach. I looked over at Martin. “It must be nice to sit in here naked,” I said    “It is,” he said with a smile. “You ought to try it. “I didn’t answer;  I just reached behind me and removed my top, my big, round breasts nearly floating in the water. my brown-red nipples were erect, poking out nearly half an inch. Little mounds themselves they looked like quite a mouthful for him. I could see his cock harden, but the look on his face showed pain.
All I coud figure was he was holding off, which meant he would have to cum soon. His balls must ache, and his cock must hurt, from having no release. He’s had a hardon now for at least a half  hour, with no way to release it. I am surprised he hasn’t run to the bathroom to jack off!
I lifted myself up and removed my bikini bottoms, giving Martin a great view of my tits as they left the water. I came up with my bottoms and put them aside. “Oh, yes, this does feel much better,” I say. “It
feels sexy, somehow.”  “yes it does”, my grandson agreed.

 “You must really think I have nice tits, or you’ve never seen any,” I said with a smile. He reddened. “You have great tits, Grandma,”  he said weakly. I smile “Why, thank you. You have a nice body, too.” He raised himself out of the water and sat on the edge, letting his hard cock jump up and throb against his belly.  “Here’s what those tits do to me, Grandma,”  he says.

I didn’t say a word. I looked at his cock and absentmindedly licked my lips. Keeping my eyes on his cock, I reached for my wine glass, took a sip, and then moved over closer to him. I put the glass down on the decking and reached out and touched his cock. He nearly came, the pleasure of my touch was excruciating to him.

I ran my finger down the hard shaft to his balls. “Such big balls,” I cupped them in my hand, massaging them. I move my hand back up to his cock, grabbing it at the base and stroking upward. He moans as his body tenses, and shoots his load, all the pent-up tension causing him to cum right away. He shot a big load, and it shot all the way across the spa to the other side of the decking. “Damn!” I say, “What a load of cum!” I stroke him harder and faster, and he finishes shooting, the last few drops falling on my hand.

I pull myself up beside him and he reaches over to touch my nipples. They are giant nipples, hard to the touch. He ran one hand down my tummy to my pussy. through my forest of dark black pubic hair.He leans over to my tits, his mouth wide open. He flicks out his tongue and touches the tip of it to one of my nipples. He closes his lips around the nipple, running his tongue around and around on it. He sucks it into his mouth, moans of pleasure escaping my lips as he sucks. “Oh, Martin, that feels so good, it’s been such a long time,” I moan. My hand went back to his cock, and I grab it at the base again, stroking it slowly and firmly as he sucks first one of my big, brown nipples, and then the other. 

He moved his mouth down slowly, all the way down my tummy, and inserted it into my navel. Pushing me back to the decking of the gazebo, he reached down and spread my legs. I lifted my legs, bending them at the knees. He ran his face down to my crotch, flicking out with tongue at my cunt. Leaning forward, he inserted his tongue into my moist pussy, tasting the tangy juices flowing out of my pussy. He said the sight of my hairy pussy was a real turn-on! 

I began to writhe and moan — my legs clamped together, trapping his head between my thighs. With a
loud groan, I came, my body jerking and my muscles tightening. He pulled away, and we sat there and stared at one another. I slowly eased myself into the water in front of him and spread his legs, my face in his crotch. I leaned forward and tongued his balls, sucking one of them into my mouth, and then the other. I
ran my tongue over his balls for a full five minutes as my fingers worked on my  pussy under the water.

Then, i moved my mouth to his cock, and I ran my tongue up the length of the shaft. Opening my mouth
wide, I swallowed his cock all the way to the back of my throat, gagging on the head of it. The sensation
thrilled him, and he nearly came again as I sucked on it really hard. I sucked him gently for another few minutes, licking and probing, and then pulled away. I moved to the other side of the spa and raised my
ass out of the water, facing away from him. He could see my wet pussy hairs hanging between my legs and he got up and stood in the water. We were just the right height, and his cock automatically pressed against my ass hole. He moved down somewhat, and pressed his cock into my warm waiting pussy. He reached around and grabbed my tits, running his fingers over the hard nipples as he slammed his cock deep into my hot moist pussy.

He began to thrust, feeling my pussy suck on his cock as he pulled it out. He thrust faster and faster, and I used my internal muscles to give him a thrill like none He’d ever known. He thrust deep into me, and I began to gyrate my hips, moaning and groaning, and he felt me cum, soaking his cock with extra-hot pussy juices as spasms shook my whole body. He thrust faster and faster, cumming inside me with one final slam, his tummy slapping against my ass. He held himself there, feeling his cock dance and move inside me as he shot a hot load of cum deep inside me. He shot again and again, and I moaned with every jerk of his cock.

Slowly, He pulled out of me and sat back in the water. I poured us another glass of wine, and we sat there sipping it, looking at one another in silence. Finally I said, “Thanks for helping me with the spa.”  “You mean, the plants?”  “Oh, no, I mean, breaking in the spa like that. It’s about the best thrill I’ve ever had.”

He shook his head. “Talk about thrills, Grandma, you’re the best thrill there ever was.” “Hmmm,” I said. “No one’s said that to me in a long, long time, Martin. I think you might need to ‘help me with a few things around here, frequently, you know?”

“Hell ya”, he said ,”damn straight. Anything you need, anytime, I’ll be here. I really love your’ new spa grandma”!

Your cock is mine during cock control with Maxine

That’s right you stroke to how fast I want you to. I will make that cock jump if I want to. Does it hurt baby? Aww poor thing. That dickie wants to be stroked so much, doesn’t it?

My last caller knew that he was mine. He got on his needs and began to submit to my wishes, stroking to my commands. I baited him and teased his member. I made him so fucking horny then made him beg for it. Nope you got to wait for it baby. Your dick mine and mine alone. Only I control your orgasms.