Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Dirty Girl

I love being a dirty girl! To hell with those stuck up bitches who think they are too good to be on their knees, that’s not me! I don’t mind getting on my knees and sucking cock. I don’t mind putting balls in my mouth and sucking on them! In fact I love it! I love to be used and abused as your little fuck toy! I love it when you pound my pussy so hard that it gives me rug burn! The harder the better! And when I am on my knees sucking your cock, I will use my finger to play with your ass. If you like your ass played with and licked, I will be that dirty nasty girl for you! And when you are to the point of no return and you are ready to explode. You have your choice of where you want to put your nice big load, on my tits, on my face, in my mouth, in my pussy, you name it I’ll let you do it! I am just that kind of girl! So if that gets your cock hard then pick up the phone and call me and let me know where you wanna put your cum!

Who’s ready for a role play?

Okay, so one of my favorite things to do is to dress up in costumes!!! I just love to take on a role and be someone else. I love to be the young naive virgin school girl or the naughty french maid who seduces her employer! I have so many costumes! It’s just so much fun! I love it when the person I am with enjoys it and goes along with my little fantasies!

Since I am currently single, I now enjoy  role playing on the phone. I would love to role play you’re naughty french maid. I would be wearing my short slutty little maid costume and drive you wild all day long as I bend over and pick things up, you seeing my panties as I do it. All day long I will drive you crazy with my naughty flirting and teasing. I will finally make my move as you are sitting on your chair in your office, I will accidentally trip and fall into your lap. Rubbing myself onto you and touching your thigh and your cock with my hand.  I will do it to the point where you have had enough and you throw me back onto your desk and you have your naughty way with your sexy french maid!!!!

Do you have a naughty role you wanna play with me? Give me a call and I would love to try it out!!!!

A day at the gynecologist

Today will be quite routine for me at least that is what I suspected. I have been feeling a little uncomfortable lately and having some pretty severe cramps.
So, I decide to make an appointment to see my Ob/GYN and I don’t know about any other ladies
but I really do dread these visits. So, a nice long scented bath will help calm my nerves just a little
and also feeling and smelling nice will boost my confidence for the awkward exam!!
Guy’s you will never understand what a lady has to go through to keep her sweet pussy
just that sweet!! Once I arrive at the doctor’s office, I begin to calm down and just relax and get it
over with, And besides I have been seeing Dr. Winters for a very long time. He’s an older man with
graying hair he kinda reminds me of a loving grandfather. I hear my name being called so I walk
back to the exam room once the nurse has given me a rough paper gown to put on she tells me
the Dr. will be in soon so I grab a magazine and wait. I was so busy reading I didn’t hear the door
open but a voice I had not heard before was calling out to me!! Simone I am Dr. Austin.
Wow! Let me tell you he was certainly not Dr .Winters, this was a grade A+ hottie. Hello, I said.
After getting over the shock, this exam won’t be as dreadful as I thought. He began to ask me some questions as he went through my file then he explained to me that he would be taking over for Dr. Winter’s as the Dr. him-self has a medical issue. And so he told me to just relax and all would be okay. So, I did just that. He placed my legs in the stirrups which usually I hate simply because it opens up your legs so far apart!! With all your goodies for all to see, but today the office was short staffed and he had no nurse in with us. Once the exam begin he inserted two fingers in side and asked me was the pain in that area? I said no!! Then he began to insert the spoons at least that’s what I call them, they are used to open your cervix and when he had them in place I felt it!! I heard him whisper Mmmm!! As if he was admiring my cunt. Then he was pushing and using his fingers to explore inside very deep I might add! Then I saw him go over and lock the door!! And he went back to work and just let me say by then he had hit a certain spot inside that made my juices flow. I could feel them oozing out and by the look on his face he could definitely see it. Did I object? Hell no! When I felt his big hard cock sliding inside my now juicy cunt I found myself lifting my ass off the table to meet his demands and we just exploded in a hot climatic explosion!! And let’s just say, by the time he was finished with me, I had forgot all about the pain!! So, here’s the thing cum back or call me to hear more of my stories with the Hot Fucking Doctor. I know you want too!!!

Daddy is cumming to visit me!

As some of my regular daddy callers know I away at college.  I am soooooo far away from home and I get so homesick, especially for my daddy.  Well he is flying in for a few hours this weekend to see me on his way out of the country on a business trip.  I am so freakkkkin excited!

Two things are for certain.  First that I am going to jump in his arms and give him the biggest little girl kiss I can.  Second thing is that I am going to tease daddy unmercifully all the way to his hotel so that he won’t be able to control himself and will be ripping my clothes off as we walk in the door.

I sooo miss daddys lips on my pussy.  The boys in college my age haven’t a clue what they are doing compared to daddy.  I also miss daddy fucking my little girl pussy.  He always makes sweet love to me and takes his time and then right towards the end he gives my pussy the good banging it needs hard and deep until he shoots his daddy juice inside of me.  I can’t wait!

Myspace Comments

You do NOT listen do you….

Hello, my little slaves.  I AM GODDESS JEZZABELLE! A fierce and fiery dominatrix who loves using kinky, dirty boys like you!  I will punish and discipline you for being so weak and horny-always jerking your filthy cock and spewing that disgusting semen without my permission.  Trust me, in time you will learn how to control yourself and obey my commands.  It will give me great pleasure to handcuff you and spank you until your wiggling ass is hot and red and throbbing.  If I have to bring you tears to teach you a lesson, then I will.  I will train you to take bigger and bigger dildos in that little ass of yours and in will be begging me for permission to ejaculate.

There is no turning back now. Your ass is mine, you naughty little slut!  ALL MINE!  I want to own you with all my little high maintenance demanding ways!  You will learn to worship my thigh high black sexy boots, wont you baby?  You will get on your knees and take it for me wont you??  When I snap my fingers, your cock will jump.  You will give up control…TO ME!

During our sessions, there will be times when you whimper and whine and other times you will be begging.  Begging for release.  Begging for more.  Begging for just a little more of my hot ass ways!  If I want to tease you, I sure in the hell will if I want to make you cum.  I sure in the hell will take it from you anyway I want!  You will be my new toy.  Mine to do with as I damn well please.  If I want you to worship my body with your tongues,you will!!!  IF I want you to dress like a sexy little girl for me, you WILL! If I want you to take you there, I WILL!!! If I decide you need punishment, you will take all the pain I have to give you.  Like I said, you are here to please me my wishes will become your only desire!  So,  you think you have what it takes to serve me, huh?  Want to learn what it takes to please me?  Then cum on baby- bring it!  Bring that nice hard cock right here to me and let me have my way with it. Call me now! You know you need me!

Cyber Sex

Early this morning Alex messaged me and asked if I could come in chat. I joined her and a guy wanted to do a 2 girl chat with us. It was so fun! After he prepaid us online for a 10 minute session, we made a private room and he told Alex and I what his scenario was. I won’t share  YOU”LL have to make your own. Then he just sat back and watched as we role played out the sexy scene he set up for us. I have to say it wasn’t as hot as the 2 girl call, YOU know I love some 3 way chat!! BUT it was sexy knowing as we typed away while he stroked his cock and he then blew his load! The sad thing was we didn’t get to hear him.

 But if you cant talk why don’t you try a cyber session. I will hook you up too for the month of MAY I will give you double time cyber chat sessions!! Prepay and then stroke away! While I tell you a tale of fucking and sucking or anything that turns you on. And no one in the house will hear YOU! Our dirty cyber sex secret!



Dinner and movie! Blow Job Phone Sex

Well, I had an amazing great night last night. I had a blind date with my friend Marie and this hot guy from school. He is her boyfriends best friend and since I have been single and playing the field for a good  minute and David was newly single and hot as hell. So, Marie decided to hook us up.

  The date started good. Dinner at Chilli’s and then to the moviesto see The backup Plan. I was excited cuz I really love J Lo Movies she’s so hot. Dinner was fun and we went on to the movies. David was cool and sweet and kinda flirty. When we got to the theater it wasn’t crowded being a Wednesday night, we sat in the very back. Of course, we all started making out. David was such a great kisser, he got me so hot that I just really couldn’t wait to fall to my knees between the seats and suck his cock. Which I did for most of the previews.. lol! He came in my mouth and shot down my throat just as the feature started. The movie was awesome and the ride home in the back seat was even better! Wanna know what happened, call me!

I love public masturbation!

There is nothing to get a girls labido going better than a hot sexy guy at the beach. Both of us covered in suntan oil playing hard and having fun. I love volleyball, snorkeling, jet skiing, swimming, shelling, building sand castles. You name it I love it. Most of all I like a guy who can play hard and rough with me. Someone not afraid to get a little hot & sweaty. There is something about summertime and the beach that just keeps a girl like me horny all the time.

Now I will let you guys in on a little secret. I love to masturbate at the beach, or at the pool in my back yard. Well really any where that is public. You can often times find me out in the public taking calls and ready to rub my pussy for you no matter where I am at. I just forward my calls to my cell phone and tuck my favorite toy in to my purse and I am good to go! In fact I am taking my phone and my favorite dildo to the beach with me right now…time to have some fun!

April’s special!

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Hole In One!

Every year I get asked to attend an all guys golfing event. It’s hosted by a really wealthy guy that I’ve known for several years now. He first noticed me at a Bikini competition that I attended and thought I was perfect for the type of event he was hosting. I always have my hot girlfriends come with me and join in on the fun. Some of my friends serve the drinks and are known as the shot girls. The drinks are always flowing and it pretty much sets the mood of the day. On the putting green, my girlfriend and I would strip down in our tiny bikinis and spread our legs wide apart by the hole. It would give them an incentive to get a hole in one! The day is packed with giving naughty peep shows and licking body shots off my girlfriend. The more we showed and more girl on girl action we did the bigger the tips were given.


The craziness did not end at the golf course, the party continued at the guys mansion. There would be 12 horny men and 6 of us girls. We would all give them lap dances and then they pour alcohol all over our tits and would lick it off. The head guy who is the millionaire always requested me to be by his side. He would tip me the most and only wanted me to himself. At the end of the night, we take a bubble bath together and then we have crazy sex. After that, I would leave with my friends and tell them we will see them next year.

Anyone intrested in playing a round of golf? 😉



How could I say no?

I just did not know how to tell the boys at school no. I was never was taught that word. When the boys would invite me to their room to watch TV I was happy to go. Then when they would ask me to take off my clothes or suck their cocks. How could I say no? I had to show my gratitude for them having me over. After all they taught me so much: how to deep throat, how to swallow, take it in the ass and how to swallow their sweet loads without spitting out! I also got lots of gooey facials. The guys would circle me and jerk off all around my face! A lot of girls envy me, but I don’t know why, they can say YES too. Bet you want to see how naughty I can be. Don’t let my young age fool you.