Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Erotic Dreams

The past few nights I’ve been having really steamy, erotic dreams. I wake up and my pussy is dripping wet. I immediately have to play with my wet pussy thinking about my hot dream. My dream was about this big masculine man licking every inch of my body, tons of kissing and fondling. I remember in my dream this guy had a huge, veiny cock with a big mushroom head. It was about 9 inches long and big around. It was my dream cock. I remember it first going inside my pussy and how good it felt. He opened me up and I felt every inch getting deeper and deeper inside me. He leaned down to kiss me while he was pumping his huge cock in me. I remember coming over and over and never wanting it to end. I can’t wait to go to bed tonight and wonder who’s going to invade my pussy.

My Sexcapade!

Call me and I’ll tell you about my latest Sexcapade that I had with one of my favorite guys, Karson! We’d set up our Sex encounter when we literally ran into each other at the Chamber of Commerce ‘mixer’ the other night. We’ve been calling each other and whispering the details of today’s fuck session to cum because our spouses might hear us. There’d be no mistaking the sounds of lust, passion and excitement that they’d hear… A dead giveaway that we were stepping out! Can’t have that and I am more convinced than ever to be very careful keeping mine and Karson’s Sexcapades very hush hush! You see, he’s absolutely amazing! A man who greets me at the door with my favorite cocktail in hand and a huge hard-on pushing against his boxers and who says in a sexy, deep voice, “Oh Patrice, you look gorgeous ~ I can’t wait to devour your pussy!” He kissed me deep, consuming my lips and tongue, settled on the sectional, I unbuttoned my blouse to his request and he pulled me down onto the most incredible.. Call me to find out the rest of the hot details!

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Finger Lickin Good!

I have a naughty confession I must share with you. Every time I play with my pussy I have a strong urge to taste my fingers. I absolutely, positively love the way my pussy taste. It smells so good and the taste is sticky, sweet. It’s the best candy I’ve ever tasted. I was thinking about bottling my pussy juices and start selling it! I think I would be a millionaire because it taste that good!

Sometimes I could be relaxing on my couch watching tv and get the sudden urge to finger my pussy and get it really wet so I can bring it up to my mouth and have a snack. I have even went as far as putting food in my pussy and then eating it so it will taste better.

I love the way I taste, do you think there’s anything wrong with that?



Tranny Up-Skirt!

I know you like the nice big surprise that I have for you under my skirt. Your cock gets so hard when you take a peek at my beautiful she-cock! You think about sucking every inch of it in your mouth. You look up at me while I’m playing with my gorgeous titties. It turns you on so much, you take my cock deeper into your mouth.

I’m a outrageously, horny tranny full of BIG suprises. Call my toll free tranny number 1-866-418-6777 and find out why I can totally satisy you.  

Brotherly Love

My brother just recently broke up with his girlfriend Vanessa. He’s been very upset and just been lounging around the house feeling depressed. He just locks himself in his room and plays his stereo full blast all day long. I think I know why he’s so upset about the break up is because she cheated on him. I hate to see him so down like this. And that’s when I came up with an idea…..

I knew exactly what would cheer him up! I went into my closet and picked out a hot, sexy lingerie outfit. Then put on some white sexy heels. I knocked on his door. When he opened the door I was on my knees. I pulled him into me, unzipped his jeans, quickly pulled down his boxers and starting sucking his cock. He couldn’t believe his little sister was sucking him right in his bedroom doorway. At first he resisted, but then I could tell he was enjoying every minute of it. He couldn’t believe how good my blowjob skills were. He thought I never sucked cock before. Boy, does he have a lot to learn!

I knew I wanted my brothers hard cock inside me so I suggested we go to his bed. He slipped off my lingerie , opened my legs and started to lick my wet pussy. He said it was the best pussy he’s ever tasted in his life! While he was eating my young pussy out, I was pinching my hard nipples and couldn’t get over how good my brothers tongue felt deep inside me. He made me cum all over his face. I knew I wanted to feel him inside me so I got on all fours for him. He slid his big cock inside me and fucked me like a rabbit till he put his huge load of cum inside my pussy.

Ever since I fucked my brother he has long forgotten about his cheating girlfriend Vanessa. I knew my pussy would do the trick!

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Naughty Troop Leader!

I’m the naughty Girl Scout troop leader that takes little girls on overnight camping trips. I let them earn their badges in many different ways. After we scope out a site and put up our tents, I call each one to my tent and have the young girls strip down for me. Who ever has the cutest young body wins a badge. Next, I ask the girls to perform oral sex on me and who ever makes me cum the hardest gets a really big badge. They normally get so horny eating my mature pussy they all go down on their young cunts and play with each other’s tight, virgin bodies.

When it comes time to sell Girl Scout cookies my troop always sells the most. I design their ultra slutty uniform and have them go door to door. They just can’t resist how hot they look and they want to buy tons of cookies. If it’s a tough sale, I’ve personally trained my girls how to handle that situation. They simply perform naughty sex acts on him/her to get them to buy cookies.

I guess you could say I’m not the normal Girl Scout leader. Young girls get me so hot and bothered. Are you ready to sign your little precious girl up with my naughty troop?

Rough & Kinky Phone Fun

I like my phone sex rough, extreme and most importantly…kinky. That’s right, I’m a screamer. I NEED to get my hair pulled and my ass slapped hard. That means I like my men well hung. I turn into a naughty little sex pot when it involves a huge, thick cock. The bigger, the better. My pussy craves it and so does your cock. Some guys think I’m a bit too forward but the truth is I know what I want and what my body needs. Just a few of my deviant fantasies for tonight are extreme kinky phone sex, sexy accomplice, dirty roleplays and dirty fetishes. Do you think you can handle a horny babe like me? Come and find out.

Daddy/Daughter Roleplay Phone Sex

My juicy little girl pussy gets so wet when I start thinking of dirty taboo fantasies. My daddy always told me I’d be a naughty treat for any man. He loved playing with me when I was a little girl. I was his favorite baby girl! I remember being so excited when he’d come home from work, I was always ready to please him. Our favorite place to play was the shower, he loved watching my tight little body all soaked! Now that I’m 18, I can’t get enough of of older cocks. Older men like my daddy really know how to put this nasty lil slut in her place.

My Naughty 2 Girl Call With Kimmie

Hello there! I just wanted to mention that I did an incrediably hot 2 girl call with my sexy friend Kimmie. We role-played a mother/daughter team that rocked our callers cock and blew his mind. And I must say that Kimmie is the sexiest and hottest babe I have ever played with and I’m going back for me as soon as our favorite caller calls us back next week.

If your looking for a 2 girl call that will leave you with a smile on your face and happy cock then call me and I can set up our call.



Teeny Tiny Dick boy

“K” wanted to fuck me.

I laughed….show me watcha got big boy!

WOW. is that HARD??? It cant possibly be hard…..Oh, but it is. I swear I almost wet myself. I allowed my tiny pet to sit in the corner and stroke..or pinch, rather, that tiny pimple he calls a dick. Mean while, i had me some real cock. BIG cock. Black cock. i mean i got fucked 6 ways till Tuesday. Fucked hard and fast by a big nigger cock as pimple penis sat and watched, wishing to God it were him. but it never will be, will it pet?

And cuz I am in  generous mood today, if you want a laugh, check out his pix !!!LMAO!! What a loser!its hard??loser