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Unforgettable Valentine’s Date!

 February is here and this is one of my favorite times of the year. I love Valentines Day. Of course it’s much better when I’m with a serious boyfriend but I still enjoy February 14th in my own little ways.

I really enjoy going into my walk-in closet and dressing up in some of my provocative pieces of lingerie. Slipping it on my soft body after getting out of a hot shower and looking at myself in my long mirror in my bedroom. Somtimes I slip on a pair of my stilettos so it completes my sexy outfit. When I look at myself, I get turned on how sexy I look. I will do a strip tease in front of my mirror and normally strip down and masturbate in front of my long mirror. I love watching myself and seeing how wet my pussy gets either from my fingers or from my jelly dildo. I’ve gotten so turned on before by watching myself, I squirted all over my mirror.

So you see, I really don’t need a date for Valentines Day when I got my incredible sexy outfits, my long mirror, sex toys and what else am I missing? Oh… that’s right! I’m missing you to enjoy this with me. Let me squirt all over my mirror and I’ll even lick it up for you. Let me give you a Valentines date you’ll never forget!

Your Naughty Girlfriend,




don’t listen to me
just listen to my body
don’t hear my worries
just hear my need

push me against the wall
let me feel your arousal
fist your hand in my hair
bend my head, expose my neck
as you grind yourself against me

let your hand run under my skirt
up my thigh and around my ass
pull me closer to you
press your lips against mine
feel my heart beating against your chest
feel my sex slick with desire

rip my blouse open with your other hand
take my breast in your mouth
while i writhe against you
needing you, wanting you
my hands tug at your pants
letting them fall to the floor

“i want you now”, i say, my breath ragged with lust
“ask me properly”, he says, pulling at my hair more forcefully

“oh…. just fuck me now”
“mmmm, that’s much better”


I’m leaning against the entryway to his bedroom, watching him. My arms are crossed over my chest, my right hip and elbow propped against the frame. He leans against the wall, the last remaining rays of sunlight bathing him in a glow that makes his skin look fiery. Maybe it is. I know mine is…
His hand slides down his naked torso and grabs his cock, jutting out from his hips, waiting for someone to touch it. He doesn’t look at me, but he knows I am there.
As his fingers wrap around the shaft he groans and throws his head back, his long hair flipping back over his shoulders and off his face as he does.
I gasp at the absolute beauty of him. His long, lean frame, muscular arms, sinewy limbs that flex as he pulls on his cock.
He starts out slow. I move closer by a few steps, this time (feeling the sudden need to steady myself) holding onto the foot board.
He steals a glance at me and barely holds back a smile before looking back down at his cock.
I manage to stand quietly until the sound of his hand sliding the length of his shaft, mixed with the juice from the head of his cock all but brings me to my knees…
My nipples harden and I feel my face flush. Instinctively my mouth waters and I must have whimpered. He turns his head, looking through one chunk of hair filtering his violet/indigo glance and instantly I’m done.
I glide across the room and grab his sides, sliding down onto my knees, my nails raking across his thighs as I do.
He looks down at me, his hand gripping his cock. A stream of precum lands on my tongue as I give him my most innocent, good-girl smile.
Right before he grabs my hair and slides the juicy head into my mouth.

My new favorite thing!

I had my first bikini wax today. I always keep my pussy very well trimmed or completely shaved but today I made an appointment for a Brazilian wax. A Brazilian wax is where they take everything off everywhere! I hear my girlfriends talk about how great it is and even my Mom has had one so, I thought my pussy was very much overdue.

What I didn’t realize when I made the appointment several weeks ago was I could not shave for 2 weeks. Everyday I am shaving/trimming my pussy and making it look really pretty and the thought of “letting it go” for 2 whole weeks made me weak in the stomach. I am a girl who is anal about hygiene and I am constantly taking showers. The two weeks was up today and I couldn’t wait to have this bush waxed off my body! I was starting to itch.

It hurt a little like any hot wax poured on your body then ripped off. I will spare you the details because it wasn’t fun but I feel amazing! When I say I feel amazing, I mean my pussy feels alive. It might sound corny but it’s true. I can’t keep my fingers off my smooth, bald lips. Even inside my ass is smooth. I was wanting sex before this but now I want sex like I’ve never wanted it before! I can’t wait to feel a cock slide in my smooth, tight holes! I am totally hooked and I already can’t wait to have another Brazilian pussy wax. All I have to say is……Wanna a feel?

Chloe’s Epiphany At The Mall!

I was at the mall today wih my bestfriend Christine. When the two of us get together we always get the long drooling stares. Not that we don’t when we are on our own but when men see two hot blonde bombshells together nobody can help but to look. We could be wearing sweats and a baseball hat and men just flock to us. Of course, that’s not what we wore to the mall today but you get my drift.

My girlfriend wanted to get her eyebrows waxed so we went to the waxing salon she normally goes to. Her waxing professional came to greet her and I went with her to a back room. As I was watching this woman waxing Christine’s eyebrows, I couldn’t help to notice her gorgeous body. She was tall with long legs and had black hair. She was extremely exotic looking and her skin looked like velvet. What struck me the most about her was she was wearing a very short black mini skirt with black stockings with a funky pattern on them. I couldn’t take my eyes off her long legs in the black stockings. It finally hit me when I was looking at her! I get why men love this so much and why it’s such a fetish. I got it a little bit before but looking at this woman for 15 minutes I really got why this was such a turn on. I know when I dress in stockings and heels I feel sexy and I know I look good but I didn’t get the whole fetish until today. I was drawn to this woman and felt like I wanted to make love to her at that very moment. Of course I didn’t but the thought of that got my thong very moist.

When Christine was done, I grabed her arm and I said let’s go buy some sexy stockings. She wondered why and I told her I had a light bulb moment when she got her eyebrows waxed.

I went home tonight ripped open my bag from the lingerie store and tried on my new black pair of stockings I bought. I couldn’t help but think of that exotic woman and I felt the need to touch myself. Needless to say, I had a wonderful orgasm and I want to cum again in my stockings. Maybe you can help me out!

Chloe 866-949-4106

Yahoo- CreamyChloe


Your naughty neighbor girl next door

You know who you are? That weak lil guy who watches me every day. You’re there every morning and every afternoon. Watching me. Standing in your window across the street whenever I am outside. I know what your doing behind that sheer curtian, behind that fence in your back yard, sitting in your car in the driveway while I am wshing my car. Your stroking that pathetic little cock of yours arent you? You are dreaming and wishing  I would look your way and part my lips and whisper.. ” Come FUCK ME!!”  
   * BIG LAUGH”  What the fuck ever loser!!! In your wet dreams. I will tease you wearing my skimpy clothes I will look at you and laugh when me and my girlfriends walk by and see you always standing there. 
   What I will do is answer my phone late at night when you call me to worship me and tell me how much  you want me. I will giggle and laugh into the phone as you beg me to let you sit at my feet and look at my pretty young pussy while you stroke your pathetic little cock. What I will do is expect you to tip me  every time you call me and buy me pretty things because I deserve it. You can be my lil money pig! Why will you do it? Because you really want our private conversations and even if its just for me to tease and deny you any real contact you want… you need to serve and spoil me YOUR private Princess… CALL ME NOW LOSER!


Silk on smooth skin,
Dressed in Black again.
Satin Black sheets against bare backs;
Silken caresses on
Lovers’ arms in leather bound
–So pure a Black
It only shines Black
Making burgundy brunette hair
Shine a rich, red bourbon, a
Sexy tangle in contrast with
Such smooth satin softness.
A sensation of soft, clinging sheets
Rumpled under a lover’s arm,
Too occupied to take off the
Black-banded watch that
Tells the time: it’s 4am.
Black night outside,
With Black pupils
In passion-dark eyes,
Holding the Black of the Night,
And all of its promises, oh god,
Dressed in Black again.

5 minutes for $9.00

Perhaps you are contemplating calling one of us sexy girls but you doubt that you could last the normal 10 minute minimum.  Your balls are just full and you are ready to squirt quick.

No worries.  Call me!  I love to hear the urgency in your voice.  Your gasping, trying to hold it.  Losing control.  Mmmm yeah baby thats exactly what I want to hear, you losing control and blowing a huge load for me.

I will whisper all the dirty little things that your cock needs to blow, or perhaps I will scream and beg you to give me your jizz juice now!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Teacher/Student Phonesex!

Ya know what really makes my pussy ache? Teacher/Student naughty roleplay! I love being a teachers pet and I’m so good at it too. You wouldn’t believe what my naughty creative mind can come up with! My skirts keep getting shorter and more revealing and someone needs to put a stop to this and teach me a lesson! I’ll be your kinkiest student you’ve ever had and I promise I’m not shy about anything. I do go all the way and when I mean ALL THE WAY, I really mean I’ll do ANYTHING to get that A in your class. Call your sluty student now and tell her what a bad girl she is (giggles)


Sexual Matters on Veronica’s Mind

I simply can’t get Sex off my mind! I’m telling you this because I’m hoping to find the answers to my addiction. I have tons of Sex, Phone Sex, Mommy and Son Sex, Stranger Sex, Hard Core Gang Bang Sex, Dominant or Submissive Sex (depending on my mood: dark or giving) Role Play Sex, Fetish Sex, BDSM, Fisting Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Strap-on Training Sex, CBT Sex, Golden Shower Sex and so much more!

Everyday I have Sex both physically and in such hot, Phone Sex, calls with my boys and men! But it’s never enough! I get a Clit-Rise and so soaking-wet-horny after even a dozen orgasms, and while licking the left-over Cum Loads and Pearl Necklaces from my still heaving chest and pulsating Cunt and Ass! I just can’t get enough ~ ever. I need Sex all the time! Like right now, you horny, huge-cocked fucker man!

Cum give me a call and get me off again and again. I never tire of hearing your fantasies, giving you what you want and need so desperately and listening to your deep groaning multiple orgasms, you hot Stud!