Monthly Archive for November, 2009

Red Hot Specials!

Tonight is the last night of my month long special, save a few bucks and cum get the best virtual fuckgasm your cock has ever known!

I love to be the MOMMY!

   Is it wrong that I fantasize about younger men, boys, hot horny energetic fucking with fresh meat for my mature pussy? I want to seduce them, corrupt them, tease them and make their dicks rock hard. Leave them ruined for the younger girls.
Will you be my hot young thing? Let Mommy take you in and fuck you for hours, making you cum over and over. I’m going to wear you out completely baby. Don’t be shy, come on in and make yourself at home. You are just what I need and I am aching to feel you inside me. I’ll teach you exactly how to pump that big young cock in and out, teach you how to be ultimate fuck.
Call me and let’s begin.

Did you get stuff this Thanksgiving?…I did!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I sure did!  I couldn’t go home to visit my family for the holiday being that they live in NY and I am one broke college chick.  I took Adam and Gina up on their offer to come to their house for dinner.  I didn’t expect there to be that many people there so I dressed a little naughty.  Very short skirt that wasn’t too appropriate for Gina’s father.  OOOPS!  I thought it was just going to be the three of us.  When I got there of course everyone was looking at me and Gina lied to everyone and said I was a co-worker of hers who had no where to go.  You mean, she couldn’t tell her family I am the women who comes over and adds some spice to the bedroom??…lol!  I hung out with her cousins in the living room watching football.  I cheered for the cowboys, they have hot cheerleaders.  My knowledge of football really impressed the men.  After dinner as everyone started to head home… I could tell Adam was thinking of what was going to happen when EVERYONE was gone.  I made my self outside to go get some air when Adam came out to cop a feel and “see what was up” His Dad cought us.  The next thing you know I am blowing his father, while he is fucking me from behind.  If you want details of how the rest of the night ended, CALL ME, its hot!


Well, there you are~ stop hiding and get on your knees.  You can’t hide from me.  No… you can’t escape from being submissive because you know you are.  If you are looking for a Mistress to take complete control of you~ well you have found her.  I want to hear all about your twisted ways and how you will submit to me.  Don’t worry I have heard it all before and specialize in controlling your orgasms, CBT, spanking, forced feminization, and all forms of worship to ME.  When you call me, I expect you to be on your knees and tell me exactly what you are into.  Until then, boys, no stroking!!  Call me soon.


I can’t seem to get this vision off my mind. The thoughts leaves me with a smile or grin…

I’m in an office with a guy. Me leaning against the desk. Wearing just a black blazer, black bra and thong, black thigh highs and black heels. We kiss. One of my legs are bent and he is holding it. He rubs his crotch against my pelvic. He’s fully clothed. I manage to unbutton my blazer, revealing just a bra. He lifts me up and places me on the desk. I unbutton his slacks and start stroking him. He leans me back on the desk and pulls my thong to the side. With two fingers he wets it and starts rubbing my clit. I proceed to moan and want more. He slides the tips of his fingers down my soft lips and slides them inside my pussy. In an upward motion he rubs his fingers inside me, massaging my walls. My wetness is heard as he finger fucks me.

I take his hand out, bring it towards my mouth and he watches me sucking my own juices. He moans as he watches, stroking his cock. Moving closer he takes the head and teases my clit with it. Rubbing it up and down and then he stops above my pussy. I begin to moan and he slides it in slowly. Watching the head disappear inside me. Bringing my knees to my chest and my ass in the air, he grinds into me. Thrusting and tapping my insides. My breasts bounce with each thrust. He lips one leg and kisses it.

I am about to cum but he pulls out. Gestures me to stand up and bends me over the desk. Rubbing my ass and with a quick spank. My legs spread apart, he fucks me from behind. With every thrust my body quivers. I moan and cry out in pleasure. Just picturing myself in heels with his pants wrapped around his ankles, god that is fucking hot!

Damn I need to get fucked…

Ready to fuck?

Like a lioness stalking my prey.  Looking at you as if you are my last meal.  Hungry for your male essence.  Your sexuality is dripping from your pours.  So sexy and alluring.

I am a sexy woman, and for me to be satisfied I need a sexy man.  I am not talking about actual physical attributes, no I am talking about an attitude.  I like my men confidant.  If you doubt that you can get me, you probably can’t.  If you doubt that you can satisfy me, you probably can’t.

Look at me and know that I want your cock just as much as you want my pussy.  I crave it.  You need it.  Both of us are sexy and confidant individuals, seeking out our prey.  Lets get what we want so that we will want what we got.  Ready to fuck?


Do you think you have what it takes to make my BEDROCK and make me scream and call you MR. FLINSTONE.


10 minutes $16

15 minutes $26

20 minutes $36

30 minutes $56

1 hour block of time $89.99




Well I think you have put it off long enough.  You and I both know that you have been constantly fantasizing about what it would be like to have a black piece of pussy.  Well today is the best day.  It’s black friday so take advantage of it.  The stores aren’t the only ones have specials.  I am one piece of chocolate that you will never be able to get enough of.  I melt in your mouth not in your hands, if you’re a good boy and give it to me right I just might let you melt in my mouth too.  So for all of you chocolate virgins who can man up and get the nerve to cross over to the dark side, I’ve got something special for you.  Today and today only I will take $3.00 off of any call that you do with me.  So cum get your black pussy on black friday.

Who wants to clean me up?

Well for Thanksgiving I decided that I wanted to be the turkey for the frat guys that didn’t go home.  I spread my legs nice and wide for them to have their way with me.  I let them stuff me, eat me and baste me….lmao (not necessarily in that order).  Well needless to say I let them make a mess all over and all inside of me.  So now it’s your turn to clean me up.  You know you would give anything to be inside of me or better yet put your tongue deep in my tight lil pussy to clean and lick me up.  So for all you nasty perverts that want your turn with this BLONDE BRATTY BOMBSHELL….you know what to do.  Ring my line and let the fun and kinks begin.  No limits here baby just alot of nasty fun.

Are you alone on Thanksgiving?

Well sugar, theres no need to fret, I will keep you company. I get so horny when I start to do all of those cute little “wifey” things… cooking, baking….it makes me wish you were here, coming up behind me in the kitchen. You wrap your arms around me, kiss my neck, squeeze me tits. You begin to untie my apron,and pull down my little capri pants. My hands are all covered with sugar and honey from the baklava I am making for dessert, as I turn and reach for your stiffening cock. I begin to caress it, stroke it as you unhook my bra, kissing me deeply. I sink slowly to my knees, and take your cock onto my tongue, tasting the sweet sugar from my hands. I want to devour you, I want you to devour me…right there on the table. You pull me to my feet, pick me up by my waist and set me on the table_on top of the marshmallows I had placed there for the candied yams. you spread me wide open…licking my sweet pussy, the marshmallows sticking to your tongue as you push them deep inside of me with your tongue and then eagerly fish them out. My nipples stifften, youre driving me mad! All I want is to feel your cock sliding up in me, pulsing, pounding, making my heart race and my pussy convulse~

~~and thats just the appetizer!~

Call me today and we can take this straight through to dessert!!;)