Monthly Archive for October, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake never looked sexier!

I promised I would post a pic of my Halloween costume this year. What do you think? Sexy? I just went to the gas station to fill up my car and you wouldn’t believe the looks I got. Like they never seen Strawberry Shortcake before. In case you’re wordering the girl in the pic (Jenn) is totally wasted at this point and we haven’t even left yet….LOL!

Well, I hope you guys have a fun and safe Halloween. Think about your favorite girl tonight and what she might be doing. You’re thinking naughty thoughts, aren’t you? You bad boy! I can’t wait to punish you later!!!

Love ya,


Does it get any sweeter than this?

Happy Halloween!  I am a cavity waiting to happen.  The sweetness under all the candy is where its really at.  Warm and creamy and melts in your mouth.  Roll it around on your tongue and savor the flavor.

Hot & heavy jacuzzi “petting” with my uncle….

I finally had an ultimate family fun experience last night.  As most of you know I have been fucking my uncle on and off now for a little over a year.  We don’t get the opportunity to fuck nearly as much as I would like, but when we do get together it is an incredibly fucktabulous time.

Well last night was the best ever.  Me and my uncle were lounging in his jacuzzi sipping some brandy and doing some pretty heavy petting.  Reminiscent of my high school days, a lot of groping and fingering and kissing.  It has been months since we have had any time together so we are both so heavy in to it that we are oblivious to everything around us.

He has me so worked up I have to pause from the kissing for a second to take a sip of my drink and out of the corner of my eye I see my nephew over there on the corner of the patio watching us, and jacking off.  He wasn’t even supposed to be home tonight.  I can see that the nice cocks apparently run in the family because even from a distance his dick looks scrumptious.

So I contemplate what to do now.  I could just pretend I didn’t see him.  That is a huge turnon to know I am being watched.  However I wonder if my uncle is kinky enough to include my nephew in on our fun.  The concept of having both of my holes stuffed with family-meat is quite appealing.

Which did I do I am sure you are asking yourself?  Well grab your lube and give me a call and I will be happy to fill you in on every single detail, in vivid color.

By the way guys, Happy Halloween!  Do me a favor, if you are partying this weekend, dont drink and drive.  Dead dicks cant cum.





Unsuspecting sheep

I just love Halloween. Ya know why? Cuz it allows me to be the wolf in sheeps clothing. Dressing up in a silly little costume, my victims fall prey to the assumed innocence of the holiday.Everyone is pretending to be something they are not…myself included, you ignorant little shits!Start talking your naughty smack to me about how you always wanted to try something twisted, some dark perversion.How you wanted to dabble in the occult not just some white cake fantasy, but a dream truly rooted in evil. You think I am kidding. Until you hit the bottom step of my basement lair and realize what a HUGE mistake you have made. You turn, with a nervous smile, and stammer that there must be some misunderstanding. I smile in turn, but there is a wickedness in it that makes you begin to sweat…as I close the door, and lock it.

…a nervous laugh escapes your lips….and at that moment we both know that was the final escape of the evening…




Phone Sex Candee

All the naughty boys know where to get their Candee. They know when they come to me they will only get the best phone fucking ever. I will fill your ears to the max of ultra trash talk you could imagine. Pure filth and raunchy role-plays will leave you wanting more. The teens on this site fear me and the others want to be me but as you know there’s only one Candee! I dare you to come knock on my door and beg for some of my treats!


Lets play dressup!

As a little girl I loved to play dressup, and not much has changed! Every Halloween I get all dressed up, and this year is no exception…..went out and got this sweet little getup at the fetish store….hows that for a naughty nurse? Anyone for medical play today? Or how about just a routine checkup? Maybe youre a dirty boy in need of a sponge-bath? Or a REALLY dirty boy who needs an enema!

Call me today and I will honor Halloween special!

Trick…or treat! the choice is yours, Candyman!

😉 London

Graveyard fucking!

Tonight is a family tradition for my dad and I. We go to the cemetary that is 30 minutes from our house and we fuck right on top of his dead girlfriends grave. You always knew I was sick and twisted but this is something I left you in the dark about till now. Everybody has their family secrets and that is one of mine. I get daddy’s big cock right up in me tonight bending over the head stone of his former beauty queen Cynthia Lee. I hated her and I’m glad that fucking bitch is dead. Now I enjoy what she cannot! Life sucks doesn’t it?  RIP- you fucking twat!

Do you want some candy?

Everybody loves candy especially eye candy! Halloween can be extremely naughty if you’re a little devil like me. I tend to flirt with guys with masks on at Halloween Parties. I love the unknown and think about what they look like underneath their costume. That’s why I love phone sex. Two strangers on the phone, engaging in a steamy conversation, making each other so incredibly hot that the phone literally melts! I do have a couple parties to attend tonight. I hope that will be you behind the mask and hopefully things can develop into much more than a naughty conversation. Would you like some of my candy?

Madame Joanne


Rated the #1 phone sex company by YOU!

Milf’s love Halloween too

All of those young, mischievious boys running around the streets? Everyone in costume, so whos to know how old ANYONE really is?? Its the perfect excuse to be as wild as I wish! I have been know to prowl the streets with my husband lurking in the shadows… Dressed in his priest robe[I know, how appropriate, right??] and  jerking it as I seduce young, unsuspecting cocks…behind this bush, that tree..maybe lure a few at a time into the Jeep….

Then, after all of the younger ones are off to bed, its off to the college town for Sammie!!

This one my Hubby loves!!! He can blend in with the crowd, and watch as I seduce all of those huge , horny stiff dicks, usually 3 or 4 at a time…cuz they KNOW they  may never get another opportunity like this!!

So, tonight I am dressing up as my favorite sexual position…Reverse Cowgirl… I will be wearing my hat  backwards! lol!!

Any other suggestions? Call me and let me hear them.. who kows, I may be in a bar in YOUR town!;)