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The Tame Verse the Wild!

Everyone has different tastes and different moods; nobody understands this better than me. Lucky for you, I love it all! You may like things tame, missionary style, a little foreplay and nothing out of the ordinary. Sometimes you might be in the mood to get a little kinkier; exploring boundaries, using toys, or having me take control, you might even enjoy me using my strap-on on you! I’m a girl of varied tastes, so whatever you are in the mood for we can do. Either way you accomplish the same thing with me, the best orgasm you have ever had! Call me; I can’t wait to show you how good I am at making you cum!

Eating Pussy 101

I know you like to think you know it all, but you just may find some of this interesting… and if it makes her crave you even more? Voila!

No two women are alike when it comes to how they enjoy having their pussy licked, but there are some things you can try to make the experience more pleasurable for her. Obviously, you will need to experiment to discover how your lover likes to be touched, caressed, and licked. Listen to her sounds, watch her body language, and don’t be afraid to ask her if she likes what you are doing. You can also ask her what she wants you to do.

  • Start slow: Very few women will want you to go straight for her clit unless she’s already aroused before you start getting intimate. Before you head downtown, spend some time kissing and stroking her. Play with her breasts, using your hands and your mouth. Once you arrive at her pussy, don’t immediately dive in. Build up the tension a bit. Some women enjoy a light massage of the mons. Caress her inner thighs. Kiss around her mound and tease her outer lips. Get her to the point where she’s ready to beg before you spread the outer lips and give her the touch she’s craving.
  • Tongue movements: There are a variety of ways to use your tongue to bring your partner pleasure. It’s a good thing to remember that the clit is extremely sensitive for most women and needs to be very aroused before you can even think about getting rough with it. If you start out that way, you are likely going to make your lover want to jump out of the bed and possibly kill her mood. There’s no rule that says you only have to lick her clit.Lick around the inner lips and the entrance. More than likely, she’s going to want you to spend most of your time licking the clit, but you don’t have to spend the entire time there. Some guys swear by licking the alphabet. If you have enough concentration for that, then by all means, go for it. The important thing to remember is you need to make steady flowing strokes. It’s okay if you aren’t licking the exact same way the whole time, but you shouldn’t change it up too much or become erratic with the movements. When she’s ready for you to be rougher and lick harder, she’ll let you know. Some women enjoy having their clit or lips sucked on. Experiment and see what your lover likes.
  • Fingers: Just because it’s called oral sex does not mean that you can’t use your fingers. Many women enjoy being finger fucked while their clit is being licked. If you are going to thrust your fingers inside her pussy, make sure your nails are smooth and there aren’t any rough edges. You could easily cut her sensitive tissue. Don’t shove your finger inside the moment you begin licking her.Ease into it. Make sure she’s aroused and lubricated first. Go slow and her sounds and movements will let you know when you can thrust deeper and even add a second or more fingers. An alternative to using fingers would be a dildo or vibrator. These allow her to feel as though she’s being penetrated by something as large as a cock and have her clit licked at the same time. It’s a very delicious sensation.
  • G-spot: Yes, it does exist. The reaction you may get from playing with a woman’s g-spot will vary from woman to woman. Some will get highly excited and have explosive (and even very wet) orgasms. Others may not have such an intense reaction but will still enjoy the extra stimulation. If you put your finger inside palm up, curl it a bit and feel for a bumpy rough spot on the top wall of her pussy. It may seem spongier than the surrounding tissue.As she gets more aroused, the bumpiness will become more pronounced. You can either rub in a circular motion or press on it rhythmically. The more aroused she becomes, the harder you can manipulate it. If you are doing it correctly, she will get the sensation that she needs to pee. Just ignore her, the feeling will pass as you continue to play with the g-spot. Some women can cum numerous times from g-spot stimulation. For others, it may speed up the time it takes them to cum from oral.
  • Anal: Yes, you read it correctly. Anal play during oral sex can feel absolutely fantastic. Make sure you have some lube handy if you wish to play with her ass while you are licking her pussy. Even if you are only going to stroke around her anus, you still need to use lube because the area is easily irritated. Anal play can be an exciting addition to oral. The same rule applies here for finger thrusting. Make sure your nails are smooth and you don’t have any rough areas of skin. A thin dildo can also be used.

Using pearls to pleasure a cock….

I love pearls. I have a jewelry box devoted entirely to pearls. The bottom is lined with thick, black velvet boxes that contain the really good sets – the ones handed down from my grandmother, or the ones given to me by a lover. Those I reserve for special occasions. But on top of that is a tangled mass of strands, all different colors, white, black, pale pink, silver, gold, all waiting to be taken out and played with because yes – these are my “play” pearls. I don’t know what it is about a strand of pearls hanging low between my breasts, but whatever it is, I definitely like the reaction I get when I put them on. And I don’t know a woman who doesn’t feel just a little bit more feminine and sexy with pearls sliding over her skin.

I saw an article recently about pleasuring your lover with pearls and because I’m a pearl girl, I had to check it out. There were some fantastic ideas listed, including tying your lover up with pearls (of course, it has to be more “pretend” than “real” bondage, unless you both want to end up tripping on pearlescent beads like a couple of Warner Brothers cartoons!) She even talked about penetrating a woman with pearls, which was a rather sexy thought, but then the article ended and I thought, “Hey! Wait a minute! You forgot something!” Or more to the point – someone. This bi-girl had focused on the female, but the masculine had been completely overlooked!

And you know me… we just can’t have that!

What happened to the combination of pearls and cock? Because that, folks, is a marriage made in pleasure heaven!
In order to really give you the real how-to about cock and pearls, I thought I’d better do a little bit more research and practice, just to be sure I had the techniques down so I could relay them to all of you.
1. Use edible, flavored lube – but definitely DO use it, and a lot of it!

2. Use very, very long strands of pearls (the kind that go down to the navel) if you want to keep wearing them during the session.

3. Don’t use expensive pearls – but make sure they are well made, and preferably individually attached to the strand (so if they break, they don’t all come off at once!)

4. Don’t squeeze too hard, and make sure you aren’t pinching any skin with the pearls.

5. Wrap the pearls in firm circles – this is sort of a Goldilocks comment, but not to tight and not too loose. Too tight and they won’t move. Too loose and there’s not enough friction. You’ll just have to experiment to get it “just right,” Goldiegirl!

6. If you want it to be a pearl blowjob, and not just foreplay or a handjob, use the pearls to tease the head at the beginning, but as he gets closer to the finish line, push the pearls lower, use your hand to move them up and down (again, tension is important here!) and your mouth over the head.(This is where edible lube is important!)

7. When he’s ready to come, it’s really hot to watch it slide down his shaft all over the pearls… but if he likes you to swallow and you don’t mind, that’s okay too!

That’s it! Now you, too, can have some pearlicious fun!


Alone in bed, my fingers draw lazy circles on my naked abdomen. The light streams through my window. In the solitude of this early morning, my thoughts are drifting…

Come to me.

Steal into my room while I slumber. I am alone and no one will need to know. How pleasant to feel your hard body pressing up next to mine. To have those hands rouse me while feathering lightly over my flesh. Not quite awake but fully aware of your presence, I stretch while your skimming hands reach for my breasts. The skin around my nipples tighten, the center stiffens as you tease. With a wry smile, hands are quickly replaced by a warm mouth, teeth and tongue. My body conceals a small shudder as the nerve endings fire throughout.

As you turn me onto my back, your body hovers over mine, looking at me willingly, until the color rises in my cheeks. I am fully nude and your stares are nothing short of lustful. I suddenly feel vulnerable and exposed. You tangle fingers through my hair as soft kisses begin their descent. The warmth of your tongue glides from my carotid to collar bone. Soft stream of conscious mutterings escape your lips. I try to discern them. I am lost.

Fingers and lips keep working until I am simmering in my own juices. Tantalizingly slow, you make your way to my drenched pussy. Fingers tracing lines along the outside of my labia, I feel my body squirm in response. Lips keep working along my inner thighs. I pull you toward my needy sex but you ignore me and continue. My breath is shallow and rapid. I am so wet now, fluids pouring from within. The soft pads of your hand begin to rub lightly along my swollen flesh. I thrust with need to in search of more contact. My back arches and as soft mews escape my throat. I am needy, just where you want me.

I am alive under your fingers…simmering with desperate want and hunger. I grind reaching again for your head while small “pleases” escape my mouth. Nearly delirious now, my ragged breathing comes out fitfully. With one last glance into my eyes you bury your face in between my open thighs.

“Oh fuck,” I say hips thrusting wildly beneath the mouth of a wild man. Your arms lock hold of each thigh as the darting mouth covers me from ass to labia. I twist and contort under the vulgar lewdness of your tongue, lost in the pleasures you are trying to unleash from deep within me. Two long fingers reach to press inside me, thrusting up toward my navel, while your thumb whisks along my clit. I acknowledge the stirring in my abdomen as it begins to tighten. This isn’t me, at least not any “me” I recognize. The more eroticly, indecently you use me, the wetter I become.

Intimate promises come to give me your cock if I am good. “Be a good girl now and give me your cum. I want to taste every last drop.” Obscenities and the deep cries of a raving madwoman escape my lips. Horse and pleading I let go, as the waves come crashing in, the spasms are violent, contorting my body beyond control.

I close my eyes to relish this new place…contented for now.

Babysitter trading sex for cash!

Originally, I got into babysitting to make some money for a car and to save for college. I had no idea just how lucrative babysitting could be. Often when I got done babysitting the father of the kids propositioned me for sex. I began trading sex for cold hard cash!

Then I got an idea. What if I made babysitter blowjob videos of my escapades and threatened to turn in the videos over to their wives? Surely these guys would pay me a lot more than the $25 a blowjob they were paying now.

Sooner than I ever imagined I saved up enough cash to buy my very first car. I even had money left over to get really cool seat covers so my heated phonesex sessions with you wouldn’t stain the leather.

I think next I should start charging for sex! I can’t imagine how much money I would make for giving up my tight pussy and ass!

Getting Ready FOR HALLOWEEN!

Okay- I know its kind of early but many of you know that Halloween is my favorite time of year! Thats when there are soo many awesome Halloween parties. Which is one of my favorite things to do when I’m not driving men crazy or making them cum super hard. Soo this year I’m undecided about what I wanna be for Halloween. Since during the season I find myself at several different parties. I like to buy or make a few different kinds of costumes. I have narrowed this years customs down to the following. Hmmm I’m thinking four parties- four costumes…what do you think????


‘Im feeling really sexy and sultry this year and I want to reflect that I know everyone is gonna be a vamp or something but me. I am going with super hot…super girly. I want men drooling when I enter the room. I’m soo looking forward to being ravished by some masked gentleman. Bringin back memories of being fucked by Zoro last year. I came 4 times in two hours of intense fucking, you know the kind where you can’t even look the person in the eye cuz you have just done things to him and with him that is most likely illegal in 20 states. Hmmmm pussy dripping at the thought! Still havent been able to fullfill my fantasy of getting banged by a treo like the three amigos or maybe a marvel comic character such as the incredible hulk. Hmmm squirming in anticipation!!!




My first time…

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was only 15 years old but already a women. It wasnt the first time we had exchanged looks over the dining room table or the first time I “accidentally” let my towel drop to the floor in front of you. It definitely wasn’t the first time I found myself in awe of your presence nor will it have been the last time. But that night was different. You had always been there for me. You coddled me through break ups and bullies, through skinned knees and tears yet here we sit. I have never known love and pleasure could exist as one. By the end of the night I would have discovered that not only can they co-exist but they are the bases for an exceptional orgasm. Where love meets lust that area in between is nirvana. It was a night like any other. SHE was working late as usually so we were left to fend for ourselves in the kitchen. I had been working on my grandmas famous meatballs when our eyes met. I have looked into your big brown eyes on so many other occasions but this time was different. This time you looked through me. Into the very debts of my soul and found my secret. Once the balls were safely in the oven I came over to living room and sat down beside him.  I grabbed the blanket that drapes across the sofa and covered myself because as it usually is was freezing in the living room. Before I even realized what I was doing I was all nuzzled up with him watching a movie. Not really sure what movie to be honest because I wasn’t paying any attention to it. For some reason I just kept thinking about him. What he must be thinking about right about now. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in closer. I guess he figured that I had to be freezing since my teeth were chattering. As he began rubbing my arms I instantly became excited. I had already been to second base with Johnny but I had not felt the swarm of new butterflies in my stomach the way I was at that very moment.  And all this from an arm rub. My mind began to wonder and I envisioned him leaning over and kissing my lips passionately exchanging moments of bitter sweet ecstasy.  Taking my tiny little breast in your big manly hands and cupping them. My nipples instantly hardened that thought and I found myself touching them with my fingers. They were harder then they had ever been before I wanted him to suck and bite them. I wanted to feel his full beard on my bare breast. I wanted to feel him ALL of him inside of me!

To be continued…Stay tuned….for more of my first time confessions!

How I got my prom dress…

I remember back when it became prom season. Like most teenagers about to graduate from high school I was looking forward to my senior prom. My only problem at the time was I didn’t have any cash to buy a cute dress. There was this beautiful dress I saw in a display window but I never thought I would ever be able to afford it until one day….
I went over to baby sit the Mcallisters kids. I’ve been babysitting them ever since I was 13 years old. The husband always flirted with me and made some passes but I was to young and naive to think he wanted me.
When I got there he told me he had a surprise for me. I opened a big box and there was my dress I wanted. It was such a sexy pink and black dress. I couldn’t believe he bought it for me. He said he really wanted to help a young girl achieve her dreams The last time I was over there I might of mentioned it but didn’t think he would ever buy it or was even paying attention.
 To show my appreciation I put on the dress and modeled it for him. I was shocked by his reaction to seeing my teenage body in such a tight garment. He pulled down his pants and showed me his hard cock. I felt like I really owed him for buying that expensive prom dress for me so I lifted the dress up and spread my ass cheeks and he poked my ass with his cock. His pre-cum was oozing out of the tip of his cock. It was no surprise when his cock slid right into my tight little ass. Like a true champ I took all 8.5 inches deep into me and then when he was ready he shot his load into my mouth. I guzzled down all his cum so it didn’t get on my new dress. It was a prom to remember!

Personal FUCK bunny!

Every guy dreams of having his own personal fuck-bunny. Some little slut on the block that is into older men such as yourself. A little slut you can fuck anytime your cock is in need. Just a nasty whore who is willing to do anything and everything to you. Someone you can toss to the side when you explode all over her face. She is perfectly fuckable by anyone’s definition!

I want to be your personal fuck-bunny! The girl you go to when your day is over. Need to release tension? That is exactly what I want to be used for. With my nimble fingers and my warm mouth I can’t wait to work all of the day’s stress out of your cock. My tight holes are here for all your personal pleasures.

I fuck better than your wife!

 Admit it, you love barely legal girls. I look so cute and I am 100 times tighter than your wife! Not to mention I will do things your wife would never dream about doing. You can do whatever you want to me and I will just sit there with a big slutty grin on my face enjoying every minute of it. Want to fuck my throat or give me a real money shot to my chin? I love it!!! I’m sure you want to stick your cock in my ass and watch me go ass to mouth. Again, I love it! Pull my nipples hard and put my knees behind my ears and scramble my insides with your throbbing cock. I enjoy that kind of abuse. The rougher, the better! Fucking one chick for the rest of your life gets soooo boring. You need someone like me with tighter holes and a wild imagination with no taboos. So, next time your laying next to your wife in bed, think about my tender body and sneak off to a quiet place and grab the phone- dial 888-285-5966