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I was used as a SEX SLAVE

As you know I’m only 18 and just out of high school. My mom knows what a slut I was in school and she leaves me with an older couple, so they can keep an eye on me while mom goes shopping! This was a BIG MISTAKE because the couple want me as their sex slave and they use me in every way possible! They made me eat the older woman’s pussy. I suck the husband off and then I let them do all sorts of things to my young, tender body. They even invite their next-door neighbor over to tap my young pussy!! I got myself filled with cock and cum, then they dressed me even though I had cum dripping from every part of my body. My mom picks me up, and she didn’t have a clue to what went on! If she did know, I really don’t think she would of cared and in fact she might of even been disappointed to miss all the action! I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! 

Baby Britt 


CBT fun with my bitch

I am patiently waiting for my bitch to get done shopping so we can have some good CBT fun.  Today I am going to make him stick some long slender object in his piss hole for me while stretching his balls with a rope contraption tied around his balls, ass cheeks and then around to his hands in the front.

Some Mistresses are just mean and nasty, that is not my style.  I like to sensually guide you to pushing your limits for me.  Its not about causing pain, its about a test of dedication and will.

In exchange for his dedication and willingness to do whatever I ask, I cum for him, which is all that he really wants.  I am even nice enough to let him cum, though I usually make him wait for it.  **wink**

My friends dad

Today I was just hanging out by my friends pool. It was defiantly a hot one today. My friend is a little on the naive side when it comes to her dad flirting with me. Every time I am over there in my skimpy bikini, he just happens to be hanging out with us. He loves rubbing oil all over my body. He always makes me feel good and tells me how hot I am and how good I look. When I was there today I really wanted to spend the day working on my tan and to do nothing. I had a little headache because I had partied a little too hard the night before. Of course, her dad came over to me just like always and starting rubbing my body while my girlfriend was in the pool. He started to whisper one of his fantasies in my ear. He told me how he jerks off every night thinking about fucking me. Really, it was no surprise to hear. I have this thing about wanting to make older guys fantasies cum true. I guess it’s the exhibitionist in me that likes to get guys off. It turns me on too, so it’s a win- win for everyone.

We both got up and went into his bedroom while my gf was still swimming. He bent me over his bed and moved my bikini bottoms to the side and started to lick my young pussy. He moved his tongue up to my asshole and starting flicking his tongue in my ass while fingering my pussy with 3 fingers. I was getting so wet. He pulled down his shorts and started ramming his cock into me hard and fast. I couldn’t believe the size of his cock and how good it felt inside my tight pussy. He came so hard inside of me. He didn’t use any protection. The thought of being pregnant by my friends dad is a total turn on for me. Makes me want to fuck him again and again!


Just Starting College Specials!

Andie!Well I am embarking on my first semester of college.  I decided to live at home for the first year and go to the community college since I am not sure exactly what I want to study.  I am going to take a few classes in different areas, pick my major and then switch to a four year school.  Anyways… one thing I have realized is that books are fucking expensive!

So… I am going to offer you all something for your help!  Help me pay for some of my books and I’ll make sure you get everything you want! 

Any call over 30 minutes will get 5 minutes free, and any call over 45 minutes will get a free pair of my sexy little panties!  If you send me a gift card to help with college expenses (school clothes, food, etc.) you will get a personalized thank you letter with special pics of me! Just go to and choose an ecard and send it to me at


So all those Daddies, pedos, pervs, and just horny guys that want to fuck a hot little eighteen year old- I am ready and waiting!  I will be the sweet lil girl you can bend over and fuck ten ways from Sunday or suck you like you’ve never been sucked before.  I have no taboos, any kinks are okay, extreme age play is fine too!!  Remember- virgin pussy is tighter!  Get to me before all these college boys do!  Be my teacher and keep me in line.  Mhmmm!


~Lil Andie

I’m his Angel…..I can be yours,too.

I just got off the phone with my Mistress Angel. We have been in a T&D relationship about 5 years and she is coming to visit me in 3 days. We live in separate states and I cannot wait to see her. Saturday will actually be our 5 year anniversary so per my sweet Mistress instructions, I am posting this short story for all to enjoy. First, dear Angel had me shave my pubic area smooth as a baby’s butt, lock up in my CB-2000 and send her email pictures to confirm it Having done that, I am addressing my homework assignment throbbing, dripping, shaking hands and locked up tight. My assignment is to post a story on the net about how I will pamper my dearest Mistress Angel when she arrives in 3 days. Here goes:

Saturday arrives after some sleepless nights and that warm feeling I get in my heart and between my legs when I know my sweetie is arriving soon. I get up, put on the coffee, and realize my cock is dripping already and I am not even awake yet. I recall that my sweetheart will be getting on a plane in 2 hours with a key dangling on a shiny necklace nestled between her beautiful breasts. Through most of Saturday my cock stays pressed against the bars of its prison as my Angel is on my mind every second of the day. By the time I arrive at the airport to pick her up, my balls are a shade between sky blue and deep purple. Oh, sweet Mistress is going to be happy with that color. When I see her walking toward me, my heart starts to quicken. We embrace and my whole body begins to warm. Quickly we retrieve luggage, step to the car, and stare into each other’s eyes in a dim corner of the airport park garage. In the car, Mistress shows me she is without panties so I give her pretty pink and shaven pussy a welcome kiss. We are both wet, I start the car, and we head for home. The drive goes quickly as I am kept busy trying to watch the road and catch glimpses of my sweet Angel’s ultra thin landing strip. I caress the lips of her kitty, noticing how wet my dear Mistress is, and then we turn the last corner to home. We are seconds from arriving.

Once inside, we embrace, kiss passionately, and start all over like young school kids catching up after a long separation. I start making a margarita. She tells me to make it in the nude. I do not ask a anything, just strip down to the cage like a good boy and get ready to pamper my Angel better than ever before. I am eager to please and in moments I am mixing up a blender of margarita’s wearing nothing but my pink cage. When I get ready to add salt to the rim, Angel tells me that she prefers the blue salt as it will match the color of my balls. I had not realized in all the “excitement” but my balls were definitely blue and bulging. After a few sips of the tequila potion, Angel says I should go draw a bubble bath for her while she unwinds from the flight. Upstairs, I prepare a warm bath, bubbles, candles, soft music. She arrives with the blender and drink in hand telling me that she may get a little hard to please after finishing off the blender. Tequila tends to bring out the best in Mistress Angel. She slips in the warm bubbles and mentions to me that I should probably shave as my face would soon be busy and we want it to be smooth like a baby’s bottom. I notice my hands a shaking a little with anticipation while I shave but manage to get nice smooth results. Then I join my Mistress in the bubbles for some play. She says “I hope your lock doesn’t rust shut” with a grin.

After some bath tub play, we dry and embrace on the bed. Mistress Angel is so very attractive and turning me on like never before. Her skin is warm with the fresh scent of bath oil, completely shaven pretty pink pussy, wearing nothing but the key around her neck and a devilish tequila grin. She tells me to keep pampering and if I impress her enough I may get unlocked. I begin with passionate kisses, caressing her breasts, and does not take long for my tongue to find it’s place in her sweetness. She is so wet and tastes so good. I feel as though I have longed for her taste for years as I move my tongue around her clit and between the lips of her pussy. I love her taste. She must be as horney as I am because very soon she is shuttering with pleasure and moaning. She tells me to keep going, that was just a quick orgasm and she wants an earth shattering one. My cock is pressing against my cage by this time and sweet Mistress wants to see it. She moves to top and sits on my face as if to 69 and watches my cock throb and twitch against the cage while I move my tongue in her pussy and taste her juices. She enjoys teasing my locked up cock and touches my pink and blue bulge through the plastic cage with her long nails. Every touch causes me to twitch and drip even more. After some time riding my tongue she is growing near the edge as she starts riding my face harder and harder. I could lick her sweet tasting pussy all night long and be perfectly satisfied. Then I feel the key slipped into the lock and my cock thrusts free. Dear Mistress tells me not to dare cum as she faces me straddles my freed dick and lowers herself on top. I’m deep inside of her and she starts to rock back and forth telling me whatever I do, I will not cum inside her. This is one of my Mistresses greatest arts, no matter how near the edge I am she is able to bring herself to orgasm by riding me deep inside maximizing her clitoral stimulation, while I get nearly no thrusts to reach my satisfaction. Soon she is moaning in pleasure while I run my tongue around her nipples just to add to her sensations. Breathing hard she collapses on top of me and I know she has reached the earth shattering one she was looking for.

She falls onto the bed, and says “OK, I’m done.” She looks at my glistening rock hard dick, and tells me in her sweet angel voice to put him back in his cage for now. Before I can say anything she is handing me the cage and says come on, lock him up quickly or there may be consequences. She says “I may let you out right away, or I may keep you locked up for a week. We will talk about that as soon as the lock is shut.” I take the cage and at first it seems impossible to get my cock to grow small. After a while I feel the first decline of a lost erection, and soon my hard on begins to get soft, then I am able to squeeze the cage back in place. She is still basking in the afterglow of an orgasm that has her knees weak, and says be a sweetheart and click it shut for me. I notice my hands are shaking as I put the lock through the plastic post. Then I click it in place and immediately my attention goes to the key dangling around my sweet Mistress’s neck again.

What happens next my Mistress has told me depends on feedback that we get on this short story. She would like some ideas from the public on what to do next, so please give your thoughts. She tells me she will take the idea she likes the best and that will determine the fate of my next orgasm.

A strange day.

Today was the strangest day. I was so hungry after my jog, that the fridge was my first stop when I got home. Nothing looked particularly good, but finally, my eyes came to rest on the solution to my troubles.

I reached into the fridge and extruded a carrot. Quickly, I shed my clothing and spread my legs apart a bit. Grabbing the carrot firmly by its top, I slowly slid the slender end inside my waiting pussy. Pushing it gently, I buried it until the thumb and finger I was using to hold it had warm juices running down them. I pumped the carrot in and out a few times, coating it thoroughly before sliding it out and bringing it to my mouth. The first crunch of a carrot is always the best, and this one was no exception. It felt so good to crunch down on it, that I made quick work of it and was soon standing in front of the fridge again, licking my lips, completely unsatisfied.

I rummaged around again before noticing a nice ripe bunch of bananas sitting on top of it. Grinning, I grabbed one. I peeled it carefully and slowly, stopping when it was half peeled. I hopped up to sit on the counter and placed my feet on the edge, spreading them open wide, then quickly plunged the banana deep into my cunt. I was stopped by the peel, but began rubbing the banana in a circular motion as I felt the peel rubbing on my clit. Finally I needed to feel the banana deeper, so I ripped the rest of the peel off before pushing it inside with a single finger, letting it disappear inside me. I smiled to myself, feeling it inside me, my muscles contracting around it, before giving one quick push to pop it out. I licked the banana up and down, relishing the taste of myself on it, slid it down my throat and back up again before settling down to eat it all up.

Like I said, it was a strange day. I was still feeling like there was more for me to eat, so I went back to the fridge and opened it again. My eyes then came to rest on a bag of cucumbers. Selecting one, I decided it was a special cucumber, the way it curved just slightly, and bumped in all the right places. I decided it was a cucumber for the dining room and moved there quickly, where I lit two long candles and hopped up beside them on the table. I lay my head back and spread my legs again, picking up the cucumber. With one hand, I spread the lips of my pussy, and with the other, traced the cucumber around the edges, and over my clit. A moan escaped my lips, the pressure of the cucumber on my clit increased, and the rubbing picked up speed. Unable to contain myself, I bit down on my lower lip, and taking the cucumber firmly in both hands, drove it fiercely into my waiting cunt. Over and over I pounded it in, drops of my satiny juices splashing onto my hands and arms. I wiggled back until my head was hanging off the edge of the table and without a chance to stifle it, screamed out in surprised joy as I pushed the cucumber in as far as it could go, feeling it stretch my insides deliciously.

Soon, an orgasm rocked through my body, the suction it created between my pussy and the cucumber so intense it was hard to continue pumping it. Instead I pushed hard, forcing it in deeper, head flailing as the orgasm rippled through me. As it subsided, I carefully extracted the cucumber, and bit off the tip. I licked my lips, enjoying the taste before lowering to my pussy again. The now soft, moist end of the cucumber exposed its flesh and the feeling it provided my clit was amazing. I swirled it around and around, each time bringing me closer to a second orgasm. I stifled it by again plummeting the cucumber deep inside myself.

Small frothy bubbles had been created at my clit and a quick finger scooped them up. An eager tongue ushered them into my mouth, and I felt them tingle as they burst. Strangely, a peculiar whirring sound filled my head, and I pondered it momentarily, my fist still pistoning the cucumber in and out of my dripping pussy. Sudden recollection snapped me to life and I withdrew the cucumber, quickly smooshing it back at my clit, bringing me to quick orgasm.

Hopping off the table, I ran back to the kitchen to throw my clothes back on. After identifying the whirring noise as the garage door opening I cursed the fact that my husband must be home early. Grabbing the cucumber, I removed a cutting board and a knife from a drawer, and slicing it deftly, added it to the salad waiting on the counter.

“Hi Honey!” My husband walked through the door and threw his jacket over a chair. “God, am I hungry. That salad looks great!”

Keeping silent, I placed a bowl and a fork on the table and dished him up some salad.

“Damn! This salad is excellent!” He exclaimed, shoveling fork after forkful of the stuff into his mouth.

I smiled coyly at him. “Funny how the things you make yourself, always taste the best.”

Do you like my ass?

Are you an ass man? Do you get off with anal play? You can spread my nice tight ass cheeks and give me a nice rim job. I absolutely love those and cannot get enough of them, but you need to know what you’re doing or the pleasure is lost. If you can slide your tongue in my tight shit hole just right and lick my ass I’ll explode and cum like no woman has ever done for you before. Having my ass played with gets me so wet and horny, hell just the thought of it from writing this post has me rubbing my pussy slightly.
I also don’t mind having my ass fingered. If you can slip your fingers in my tight asshole and lick me while fingering me you will have me cumming in no time, and the excitement is always ratcheted up a bit if you spank my ass a bit and add pain to my pleasure.

So call me and my nice tight asshole will be waiting for your tongue, fingers and if you’re good and get me super wet I may even let you slide your cock in!

Morning wake up call from one of my favs!

One of my favorite callers called me up this morning. There’s something about his strong, sexy voice that really turns me on! I love the way he tells me how he’d go down on my sweet pussy. His technique, the way he says he uses his tongue… sends me over the edge. And then of course he’s hard and ready to really give it to me! Next thing you know, we’re going at it full steam ahead. When I get worked up like that, you’d be amazed at how raunchy I can get! Words and phrases coming out of my young, little mouth get pretty hardcore. I don’t hold back, and let myself go. Like I’ve said a million times before, I’m an anything goes, no limits, no taboo kind of girl. I love sex. I love to cum. And older men who know how to treat a young slut like me drive me wild.
Little LuLu
AIM- loulou4phonesex

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Total cum slut!

I know you love my HUGE fake plastic hooters! You know that spells out the message that I’m a cheap fuck doll that simply belongs on my knees with a cock up my ass!
I already know my place and purpose and takes a good hard hammering straight up my ass like all good girls do! I only love getting nailed really good, hard, fast and deep up the ass and a huge cum load all over my cum hungry face for the grand finish.  
I’m a total cum slut and I get what I deserve. If you’re looking for a true lady, good luck with your search! I’m a nasty whore who craves cock in my butt and taste it afterwards!

Pool teaser….

There is something about laying by the pool on a hot sunny day. Knowing all the boy’s are watching and all the men are craving. Well, can you blame them I am hot to trot!

My married guy loves taking me on his business trips. But I have long hot afternoon’s to myself (Giggles) and spare time always means trouble for me.

Rubbing oil into my long tan legs, across my hard tummy before I know it my hand is slipping right down my bikini bottom’s. Too bad he’s stuck in meetings all day, I’m sure he would totally get off on my being a little fucking whore at the pool. Don’t you think?