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Time for the weekend!!!!

The weekend has finally arrived!!  I have been so busy this week helping around the ranch that I haven’t had any time to myself.  So I am going away with my best friend for the weekend and have some fun.  TONS!!!  Anyhow, I will be back on Monday so I want to hear what you did this weekend.  And of course you know me .. I share mine if you share yours.. Talk to you ya all soon.  Ashton

Waiting for you!

I woke up early this morning, jumped into the shower. Washed my hair, and the rest of my sexy body, of course.  Dryed off, sat down in my short silk robe. Lotioned up my legs and arms to make sure they would be soft to the touch. Put on a small spritz of perfume. Put just a wee bit of lipstick on. Slipped on a pair of silk, french cut panties, and a  t-shirt. Fluffed up my pillows. Straightened up my bed from the night before.

Call and I will tell you about the wild night I had. (winking) And then decided to put on a bit of porn because I was feeling horny, and wanted to watch something that would help me to lose control, just like you do.
So, now I have this wet pussy. And feeling all cat like. Needing someone to come along and give me a good scratching for my itch….Call, and lets do some mutual masturbation with one another. I bet I can cum more times than you can. And faster. Wanna bet?


Till then~ Deep kisses,


My love for the “God”

3 days ago I put myself in an awesome position! I was hanging out with this guy Tyler, 44- married and has the smallest cock I’ve ever encountered, EVER! We were hanging out at a local bar shooting darts.. A few darts and shots of jose later, we ended up back at his place. He told me his wife worked overnights and didn’t get out til 6am. He led me upstairs to their bedroom and turned on the lights.. His room looked
like a sex dungeon! He had 2 swings hooked to the ceiling, a stripper pole in the shower that was off to the side of the room, ropes, vibrators, strap on’s and lube was alllll over the place! Instantly turned on, we started undressing ourselves.. I looked down and saw the smallest 3 inch hard cock ever! It wasn’t even wide! I laughed at him and asked him if he was kidding.. sadly, he wasn’t. The said “don’t worry Hailey, I’ll make sure you get yours as long as I get mine!” I couldn’t help but laugh at him and tell him what a little cock he had.. He then took my arm and threw me on the bed. He went to the dresser and grabbed this hard looking penis thing with a belt-like thing attached to it..
It was a strap on but he had it custom made just for him! He belted up and shoved it in my pussy… HE PRESSED A BUTTON AND IT VIBRATED! After 10 minutes of that, I got up, surprised and ran to the swing. He got on top of me and fucked me so good with that thing that he calls “God” (and now I know why”) I came instantly 3 times within a 2 minute time period, all the while we were swinging away.. Now most girls after cumming 3 times would be sensitive and need a short break.. But not this chick! I did get up, only to grab the blue 7inch vibrator from the shelf beside his bed… I brought it on his twin size vibrating bed that was against the wall and told him I needed him there, I wanted to play with him! I took him and bent him over like he had a pussy and put the whole entire vibrator in his hairy ass and made him take it like the little bitch boy he was! He loved every minute of the humiliation I made him feel! I’ve never seen a cumshot like that! I love humiliating a man. But damn, he was good at what he did.. with his toys! A 3 inch cock like that I have no use for! But, I am amazing with a cock no matter what size or shape! I am def glad I went out that night! I’m going to go back and I’ll keep you updated on my next visit!! Next time I will be wrapped around that pole, and I will bring a girlfriend =)

Lil Slut for Daddy

Naughty AndieReally fun call, thought I would share it with you!  Here’s the jist- I’m sixteen and my dad is a psychologist.  I am finding myself growing up and my body blossoming.  I feel strangely attracted to my father.  I decide to call his office’s help line to get some help for my little problem.  Little do I know, my father actually answers the line.

Me: Hi, I’m Andie, I have a problem… I think I am messed up.

Dad: *knowing it is me, but not telling me that it’s him* GO ahead Andie, what’s your problem?

Me: Well I feel different.  My body is changing and stuff and well… I am started to feel different about boys!

Dad: That’s perfectly normal Andie.

Me: Well, the porblem is… I think I have feelings for my Dad, I feel kinda funny whenever I see him.

Dad: *intending to sit down and talk to me in person about this and how it is inappropriate* Maybe you need to flirt with him a little, tease him or something and then he can have a talk with you about whether or not that type of thing is okay.

So I went home and flirted a little bit with Daddy, and NOTHING!  He didn’t discourage me at all!  So I called up the help line again.  Dad (though I still didn’t know it was him) told me I needed to be more forward, to wear something naughtier and tighter.

I dressed in a short little skirt and a tight blouse and waited for Daddy to get home.  This time I was more forward.  I bent over him when I needed to reach something.  I picked a piece of nonexistant lint off his inner thigh… you get the idea!  Daddy still did not say anything.  I couldn’t tell if he liked it or if he didn’t notice.

One more shot I thought!  I called the help line for the third time and this time I got the advice to really try something BIG!  To wear something really sexy and to just totally try to seduce my dad.  Well I waited for him to be in his office at night and I wore this white lace little number in to see him.  I told Daddy I wanted him to look at me.  I could see his cock getting hard through his pants and I smiled.  Daddy wanted desperately to tell me that it was wrong, that we couldn’t do anything… but Daddy just did not have the strength.

I sucked my Daddy’s hard throbbing cock so good for him while he told me what a naughty little slut I was!  I told Daddy I was only a slut for him and showed him my sweet virgin little pussy.  Of course Daddy and I had a ton of fun.  Want to hear more? Mhmmm I want to be a little cum whore for Daddy again soon!

Great Fantasy!!!

Daddy’s Favorite little slut,


P-teacher wants to taste your little ones…

You know you are a dirty jacker.  Getting off on all the underage porn, fantasizing about that sweet virgin cunnie or cock.  Stop avoiding it and just accept who you are.

I am a nasty “P”-teacher and have no problems admitting it.  Yes I am a sick girl who gets off on stealing the innocence of your sons and daughters.  It is what it is.  I don’t necessarily want to hurt them, I just want to taste them, touch them and enjoy them.  Hell they have to learn it from somewhere, why not their teacher?  I mean that is the whole reason I became a teacher was to teach the little ones, right?  *evil wink*

GFE experience

Probably one of my favorite things about this job is the bond that is developed between us girls and our callers.  Granted there are some guys that call to get off and don’t really talk much on a personal level (and I love those calls too).  However the best calls to me are the guys that require a bit more intimacy in their phone sex experience.  An orgasm is always better when you take the time to get to know the other person you are sharing it with on a more personal level.

“Girlfriend Experience” phone sex sort of offers that type of intimacy.  Roleplaying that we are actually a couple, sharing not only intimacy and orgasms, but on a more personal level.  Getting to know each other and appreciate each others sensual beings.

If its the sensual “girl next door” bonding that your cock craves, then I am your girl.  Naughty but nice with an extra big dose of sweet and sexy.  Let me be that girlfriend that you want.  The seductress that you need.  The tender womans touch that your body craves.

Foot Pussy

Do you have a foot or leg fetish? Does the thought of a woman’s pedicure turn you on? Do you just stare at a woman’s feet imagining all the places they could go? If you answered yes to any one of those questions then you are in the right place and I am just the girl for you.

My feet are here to satisfy you. You can worship them and suck my toes. You can lick my feet clean or give them a bath before you put them all over your face and inhale the smell you desire so much. Imagine as I run my toes around your lips and you suck my toes. I will run my feet down your chest and around your nipples; I will run my feet down your entire body until they reach that perfect resting place.

I will place my feet between your bulging cock as I stroke your shaft up and down with my feet ensuring that I massage your balls with the heels of my feet. I will stroke the shaft soft and gentle then I will go fast and hard. I will get all that pre-cum off your cock with my feet and then I will jerk your cock like it has never been jerked before using my sexy soft feet. Up and down I’ll go using your cum as lube for my feet. I can even make a tight pussy with my feet and you can fuck my feet hard and fast until you need to explode. Baby I want all that hot jizz covering my feet. Give it to me cover my feet with your cum. They sit here out painted clean and ready for your load.

All for internet dating!

We have been email friends for over two years. You finally ask me out for a drink, but I need to go to you. You live and work in NYC and you know that I have always wanted to meet you face to face. You tell me what bar to meet you at and give me directions to get there.

After a two-hour train ride, and two hours of nothing but thinking about meeting you, I step through the door. You already told me where you would be sitting, so I knew right where to look for you.

I’m nervous to finally meet you, but I don’t want you to see it on my face. I hold my head high and walk straight to you. You turn your head and smile as you see me. You get up off the chair and step close to me. I extend my hand to you and we finally meet. Your grip is firm and solid and your hand holds mine a little longer than I expected.

You offer to finally buy me that drink that we have been talking about for so long.

For the first hour, we sit at the bar, sipping our drinks and talking. You are very, very good looking. Very handsome. The moment you shook my hand, I felt a connection. A fire.

I know that we are both aware of the electricity in the air as our legs bump and as our arms brush against each other. We drink slowly and allow the alcohol to mellow, but not enough to dull the senses. During a silence, you gaze into my eyes. You lean in to kiss me you but stop, teasing me and instead hold my eyes. Your one knee is between mine, slowly pushing against my thigh, making my legs open a bit as I sit on the high stool.

You smile as you continue to tease me and your hand goes around my upper waist, pulling me closer to you. Your fingers slightly brush the side of my breast. That simple touch sends my senses reeling.

You lean in and breathe into my ear, ” I know are getting wetter. I am going to take your panties home with me tonight.”

My breath catches in my throat and I let out a small sigh.

After a minute or so, you break the moment and take my hand and lead me to the pool tables in the back. We shoot pool and order two more drinks. You enjoy watching my breasts and legs as I lean over the table and you make certain that I know that you do. When it is your turn, you pass me and mention that you are not the only one enjoying the show. I smile and bend over to pick up the cue chalk off of the floor.

After another hour, the music starts up and I notice the bar has become very crowded. We move to the dance floor and you put your hands on my hips and pull me into you. I can feel your hard cock pressing into me.

You whisper, “I can feel the heat from your cunt.”

Another electric current goes through me as your lips brush the nape of my neck.

After dancing, we go to a booth instead of the bar and sit close to one other. After another drink, you lean over and brush the hair from my eyes. You finally lean into me and kiss me. Deep. Tongues probing. The kind of kiss that you feel everywhere. You put your hand on my knee. Your kiss is nothing like anything I have ever tasted. So sweet. So hot. So needy.

You take your lips from mine. You look right into my eyes and say, “Touch me. Stroke me until I cum hard here in this booth. Until I cum in your hand.”

I moan as my hand gropes at your pants. Your hand moves up my inner thigh as I begin to tremble…

You kiss me again and when my fingers wrap around your bulge, you bite down hard on my lower lip. I squeeze your cock through your thin pants and your hand grabs the inside of my thigh, digging your nails into my flesh.

“Yessss,” you hiss in my ear and thrust your hips upwards to meet my hand.

You pull back a little bit so you can look directly into my eyes as I rub your cock.

I feel you swell beneath me. I squeeze your shaft. I grab your balls and massage them. I press my fingers and my palm into your hard cock.

I watch you as I please you. I see the strain in your face as you try to keep yourself from cumming.

I move my hand from your cock and reach for both of your hands. I pull you up and lead you to the rear of the bar.

I step into the small bathroom and pull you into the room with me. I lock the door and quickly devour your mouth with mine, biting your lips running my hands up your back, under your shirt clawing your skin with my nails. You push me back and look at me with this smirk on your face.

I push you up against the door and unbutton your shirt.

I kiss your neck, nip your skin with my teeth and trail my tongue down your stomach to the belt on your pants.

I get on my knees in front of you.

I look up at you as you put your hands on the top of my head and weave your fingers through my hair. I unbuckle your belt and unbutton your pants. I unzip you and pull your pants down to your ankles.

Your cock is so hard and swollen. The tip is very purple and glossy. I look up at you as I lick my lips.

You are watching me. Waiting.

I shake as I look into your eyes and I slowly take every inch of you deep into my mouth. You groan out loud as I begin to feverishly suck your hard cock as if you were my last meal. You begin to move, pushing yourself deeper into my throat, fucking my mouth. I can feel your cock throbbing. I move my tongue up and down your veiny shaft and swirl the tip of my tongue around your swollen, purple head. I feel your body relax and your grip tighten on my head. I pull my mouth from you and lick the first drops of cum from your cockhead.

I look right up at you as I lick the cum from my lips. I rise to my feet and you pull your pants back up and situate yourself. I can feel the very wet spot between my legs. I unlock to door and tell you to meet me back at the table in a few minutes.

I lean up against the door after you leave. I take a few deep breaths and get myself together. I look at myself in the mirror and notice the pink flush in my cheeks. I splash a little cold water on my face.

I walk back to the table and sit back down. You move close to me and say, “You better have those panties for me.”

I look right at you and say, “I’m not wearing any.”

You smile and whisper, “You tease. Now…it’s your turn.”

You put your hand on my knee and look deep into my eyes as your fingers slowly slide up my thigh. You lean into me and breathe into my ear. You don’t say anything. You just breathe. You hand moves towards the insides of my trembling thighs. You hold your hand there and continue to breathe. You tease me with your needy, raspy breath. Your hand moves up even further to the crease in my thigh so close to my hot cunt. I start to shake.

I am now aware of my own labored breathing.

You finally speak. “You don’t like being teased, do you?”

My mouth is dry. My breath is coming in short, ragged gasps. My entire body is shaking. I need to have your hand on my hot cunt. I need to have your fingers in me. I need you to feel how dripping wet you have made me.

You ask, “How bad do you want to be touched?”

All I can do is let out a moan.

“How bad do you need to cum?” you ask.

I groan out loud.

I gasp as your hand cups my cunt and presses against my wetness.

“Mmmmm” you say. “You really have made a mess of yourself, haven’t you?”

I am visibly shaking as you take your hand from my aching cunt.

You smile at me and sit back in your chair and sip your drink. You continue to watch me as I try to get myself under control.

You let me stew for a few minutes then lean into me to kiss me. I can almost taste how bad you want me on your tongue. You pull away from me, look at your watch and say, “It’s almost 2. Let’s get you home.”

I just smile at you and let you help me with my coat.

We walk the few blocks to the train station in silence.

There is an undeniable sexual tension in the air.

I still need you to touch me, to take me, to fuck me.

You wait with me and kiss me as my train comes into the station. You turn and walk away as I climb the steps and settle into my seat.

The train begins to move and after I hand my ticket to the conductor, I remove my coat and place it over my lap.

I put my hand down the front of my pants and within minutes, I explode and gasp out load. Loud enough for the man in the seat in front of me to turn around and look at me. I smile at him as I finally close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

My Grandkids and my pussy

I was babysitting two of my grandkids today when my youngest grandson said “Granny Trudy what does a pussy look like?” Needless to say I was quite surprised nut excited at the opportunity it presented. I didn’t immediately answer and he seemed frightened that he had steeped over the line because he said “I’m sorry. Oh honey don’t be sorry Granny Trudy is going to show you what a pussy looks like and how to treat it too. Get your sister and both of you come back in her naked OK?” He ran off and got his older sister and five minutes later both kids and Granny were nude sitting on the sofa.

As the kids sat down curiously I pointed to Erica’s young peachy and explained to Eric that was a woman’s pussy as I showed him my own. He looked enthralled and eager and his cock jumped a little. “And that, I said to Erica pointing to her younger bro’s growing bulge “is a guy’s cock, though it can sometimes be called a dick just as a pussy can sometimes be called a cunt” They nodded in understanding and I continued to instruct them. Taking my hand I placed it around my grandson’s young cock and it pulsed at my touch. I slowly jerked him up and down teaching Erica how to pleasure a man. I even licked the tip of his cock where pre-cum was leaking out and had Erica do the same to get acquired to the taste. She smiled saying she liked it and just as he was hardening I began to suck his cock making sure his sister could see clearly what I was doing. I bobbed up and down on his tiny cock and took it down my throat looking at Erica all the while to ensure she was paying attention. After a while I took his cock out and looking at Erica I said “Do you think you can do that? It’s your turn to learn and then afterwards Eric will learn how to eat pussy.” She looked nervous but nodded and I held her hair out of the way as she licked his head and placed her hands on his shaft beginning to swallow her younger brother’s pervy young cock. He moaned and grunted and I helped her take him deep down her throat in long deep strokes. His cock pulsed once and she came up and sucked lightly and whatever she did worked because he was spewing his load onto her face. I moved so that I caught some of his hot cum on my tits and taking a giant string I licked it and the taste was sweet. Erica was covered in cum as I explained what had happened and cleaned off her pretty face. Smiling Eric moaned weakly and I could tell he had enjoyed himself. Now it was Erica’s turn for pleasure. Opening my legs I guided Eric down and told him to stick a finger in my pussy as Erica watched and he did. One, then two, then three fingers disappeared into my pussy and as he took out his fingers I had Erica lick my nectar off. I gave Eric careful instructions as I opened my legs and told him to stick his tongue in my loving pussy. As he did I gave him instructions and he tried moving his tongue in different positions and areas. I pointed out my g-spot and clit and as soon as he hit them juices oozed from my love tunnel and I moved him in front of his sister as she laid back and splayed her legs. Using the guidance I had given him she dug his tongue into his sister’s peachy pussy and she too had cum before long. For good measure I had Eric nibble and rub her clit and Erica came again. All satisfied I dressed the kids and told them to practice on each other when the could and as their parents walked in the door I gave them each a hug and a kiss.

Bitch Boy

So, you want to serve me? You, a useless, pathetic, unworthy and insignificant bitch boy? To serve me is to give up all control and pleasure. You will no longer be in control of your life, your money, your pleasure or your actions. Instead you are to obey my every command and should you refuse you will be subjected to my wrath and punishment. Tread lightly you pathetic bitch boy because what awaits you behind my walls is pain and service that you have never experienced before. You will pleasure me in any way that I command and my pleasure will come before your own. You will worship my body as if there is no one else in the world you’d rather lust after, even your own wife. You will wash and clean my feet you will adore my breasts and lust after a pussy that you will never be worthy of touching Are you prepared to serve me, and obey my every order? By the time I am finished you will be my whore, my sissy boy and my bitch. If you think you can handle whips bondage, chains, rope, gags, strap-ons and humiliation that will make you plead for mercy give me a call and I shall begin training my newest most pathetic bitch boy.