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Tight teen looking for cock to fill up my tiny holes

I am the sweetest, tightest, ripest cutie you’ll ever find. I’m a young babe with long blonde hair that I just love to wear in pigtails so horny men just like you can use them as whore handles! Pull my pigtails while you thrust your hot cock into my smooth little cunnie from behind. Pull them harder while you fuck my pretty little face. Or yank them hard to make me scream while you ram your big dick into my virgin ass! Ohhh! I absolutely adore kinky, nasty, or raunchy roleplays! I know I look nice and sweet with my big innocent eyes, but I love filthy phone fucking! Please use me for whatever you like. I love confessing my sinful secrets while I pump my fingers in and out of my juicy pussy.

I bet you have some dirty secrets of your own to share! Shhhhh! I won’t tell if you won’t! Are you looking for a sweet teen treat to make all your dirty desires cum true? Then I’m your slut! I make the best college co-ed, cheerleader, babysitter, or club hopping horny hottie!

I especially love being a married man’s sweet little girlfriend on the side. *giggle* Let me be your naughty little Lucy Princess Baby.

Call me now and pop my cherry!

Your dirty MILF next door

Just exactly how long have you craved older women? Don’t deny yourself the satisfaction of being with a beautiful, big breasted woman. This MILF next door knows exactly how to handle young and older men with big cocks. I am one horny MILF and I know just how to work that cock of yours. The thought of me bending over and grabbing my ankles so you can start pounding that cock deep inside of me and I mean pounding and then you reach around and pull my blonde curls and the REAL fucking begins. Let’s cut the bullshit, shall we? I don’t make love! I FUCK. I’m nasty and I love it rough. I will suck a cock right from my ass to my cumslut cock craving mouth. Maybe now you get the idea of what type of woman you’re dealing with. If you want the sweet girl next door than you knocked on the wrong door! If you want hardcore fucking and sucking then my door/legs are wide open for you baby!

Top 10 things that make my teen cunnie juicy wet!

  • Sucking daddys cock
  • Masturbating while others watch me
  • Being gang-banged by daddy and his friends
  • Being a naughty girl and letting my neighbor climb through my window in the middle of the night to fuck
  • Teaching the new girls in my sorority how to lick pussy right
  • Fucking on the beach
  • Fucking the Deacon at my church on the Pastors couch in his office
  • Flirting with the old men at Publix, and occassionally letting them get lucky
  • 3somes really make me hot!
  • Fucking married men


Dirty teacher that loves being a pedo!

The naughty teacher has been very evil lately.  Last week I had one of my students stay after school to makeup a test that he missed.  I caught him checking out my boobs and noticed he had a little erection in his pants.  Of course noticing this turned me on immensely and I found myself purposely flirting with him.  Leaning over him with my blouse slightly unbuttoned to look at his paper.  Sitting on the edge of my desk with my short skirt riding up high enough that he could catch a glimpse of not only my garters and the top of my stockings, but my panties as well.

I love teasing the young boys.  It tickled me to see him having to keep re-adjust his little hardon in his pants.

When he completed his test I went ahead and graded it and unfortunately he had a big, fat “F” as his grade.  I told him I might consider giving him a better grade if he showed me his little pecker.  His face was red with embarrassment but he sure did pull it out and show it to me.  That is when this slutty teacher became extremely willing to teach him more than just his classwork.

Tiny pencil dicks are laughable at best….

Don’t you think if you have a small dick that you should consider just getting a sex change and becoming a girl?  Seriously.  If your dick is so small and pathetic that it can’t satisfy a woman when you fuck her, then why have it?  If it’s the size of a clitty you might as well  have a pussy instead for real.

As for me I know that a little pathetic teenie weenie is nothing but a waste of foreskin to me.  No way would I ever let you fuck me.  Fuck no I am not willing to put it in my mouth and suck it.  You are not worth my time to even jack you off.  The only thing your little tiny man clitty could possibly offer me is some entertainment and good laughs.

In fact you could just stand there and finger your little clitty while me and my girlfriends just laugh at you.  Some popcorn and a pepsi and we will have the best comedy to watch imaginable.  You standing there with your miniscule pencil dick, fingering it being it isn’t even big enough for you to wrap your hand around and jack.  Yes that sounds like a view that would create lots of good laughs for me and my girls.

My son JC…

When my son Jc came in the kitchen today I had to confess to him that when he was  3yrs old I molested him by sucking his cock and masterbating. He was very shocked to hear that is went on for a year till I had to stop. I then bought a dido and screamed his name when I would cum.  OMG that was so hot. I would dress so sexy in my black thigh hi stockings, short short skirt, and my light light white shirt where you can see my breast through it. I would bend over and feel so sexy infront of my sexy son and just want him so bad.  So, this morning, I confessed on this day what I have done to him and did want him even more now.  He seemed very interested in and took me right then and there and felt me up. He then started to take aventange of me and feel me and fuck me like I wanted. JC fucked my tight ass, and came in me!Gosh, it felt so hot and good. He had me call his Dad and talk like nothing was going on. Mmmmmm iIpulled it off. The last part was when I confessed to JC bout sucking off his Horse and swallowing the horses cum. That was so hot. JC -my dear son, I crave you and you mean the world to me as I love your cock.


No Taboo Phone Sex With Teen Delaney

Believe or not I use to be shy and afraid to experiment but as I get older, I realized how much fun I am missing. Now I want to do EVERYTHING! am not a phony game- playing bitch who is just out to toy with your mind. (Actually, it’s your cock that I want to play with. LOL ). I am tired of playing with the Nintendo joy stick and now want a throbbing stiff one. Know what you like? Tell me and you got it! I love a lot of cock play, kissing it softly or sucking so hard that it swells in my hot mouth. Flicking your balls with my tongue makes me so excited and wet. My juices are sweet. 69 is my favorite number! I hit the jackpot every time we play that number.( Giggle.) Experimenting makes me free! I found that I love slut clothes, crotch-less panties Garter belts and silk stockings make me feel adventurous. I love to role play and actually have a French maid’s uniform, (Wanna try my French tickler?) and I also have a Nurses outfit and black leather corset. Have a special interest? I can get into that. So, if you are also into experimenting and looking for sweet sensual, nasty genuine real teen then call me I am here for you and only you…

Teen Josie

 People always tell me how cute and innocent I look, which I think is so funny because having sex and being naughty is always on my mind! Sometimes I have the nastiest, most taboo dreams and I wake up with such a wet pussy! I was told by a male friend of mine that I should be a phone sex operator, because I love talking about the nasty things I’ve done, or the taboo and kinky fantasies I have. Another thing I love is hearing stories from other people about what gets them off, so I hope you will call and tell me your kinkiest fantasies. Nothing makes me more wet, and I’ve yet to come across something that didn’t turn me on. Call me soon so we can get off together!

Josie 1-866-946-4881

Snakes like pussy too!

I am tied up and bound.  Unable to move.  Vulnerable to whatever it is that you want to do to me.

At first its pretty vanilla and painless, you tease me, and then fuck me.  Even when you shoved your cock in my ass it didn’t really hurt.  With the way that you had me tied up I expected it to be a painful experience.

Suddenly I feel something moving up my thigh.  I am tied so tight, including my head that I can’t lift it to look down and see.  I ask you what that was and you tell me its a snake.  I big python.  I cry and scream and ask you to get it away from me.  You assure me that it isn’t going to bite me and to relax.

My entire body is quivering in fear.  I feel the snake slithering up my thigh, getting closer and closer to my pussy.  I feel its tongue flick against my pussy lips and then my clit.  My legs are spread wide and I can’t move, I can’t get away.  I am scared to death.

The snake starts slithering up inside of my cunt, nice and slow.  It feels so smooth, I can feel it vibrating inside of me and its tongue is tickling me as it flicks in and out as it moves further up inside of me.

Moments later I find myself begging him to let the snake go up my tight asshole.  As he guides the snake up my tight little hole my entire body vibrates in a huge orgasm.  Not so much from how the snake felt, but just the simple fear, and helplessness that I felt.

Fabulous fantasy hun, can’t wait to play with you again!

The Tease’s Rival

It starts off innocently enough- the beautiful girl with the slamming body teases the older man.  She teases him mercilessly, making him want her, desire her, maybe even in his poor corrupted mind, love her.  The girl loves the tease, but most of all the denial.  She enjoys how she has him wrapped around her little finger, buying her gifts daily, ravishing her with poems and cards.  She licks her lips, taunting him, knowing just how much he wishes that her tongue would flick across his swollen cock and his now blue balls. 


The truth is, the girl has no intention of ever giving in, just of teasing.  She’ll throw him a small bone now and then, a kiss on the cheek, an accidental brush of the hand… just enough to turn him into a quivering pile of goo.  The girl takes pride in her seductress abilities.  She wonders just how far she can take it before she needs to be a total cold hearted bitch and move on to her next prey.


The man (and this one might just be atypical) is not as spineless as he appears.  Oh yes he has been taken in by the girl, completely enthralled with her, but he does not intend to be denied forever.   He plans actions of his own.


An abduction!  The man has been driven so crazy by her prolonged teasing that he plans criminal action.  He places the chloroform filled rag over her mouth and nose, drugging her.  He carries her now limp body to an out of the way location.  In a move seen only in cartoon movies, the man ties her down to the railroad tracks. 


When she wakes up, bound to the tracks and half naked, she is confused and frightened.  But he is there, there to save her… if only she promises to be his.  Such a promise goes against everything she is!  She tells him no and tries to wriggle her way out of the knots.  He will not take no for an answer and pulls her panties to the side roughly.  He thrusts his permanently stiff cock hard into her pussy.  She’s speechless at first, just soaking in what is happening.  He pounds her pussy harder and harder as she is tied to the dangerous railroad tracks.  He moans her name loudly as he fucks her.  He groans abruptly and quickly pulls out.  He shoots a large mess of sticky, salty cum all over her face- how satisfying. 


He takes a deep breath and relaxes a moment, thinking, what the hell have I just done?  He looks at her, so helpless, so beautiful and he sighs.  “You little slut… you liked that, didn’t you?”  he says to her.  She licks the cum from her lips and smiles.  He kneels, cuts the ropes bonding her and helps her up.  In the distance they hear the train coming.  What a day! 

I’ve been wicked!  And I promise to be even more wicked for you.