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Hey there STALLION are you READY for me to RIDE YOU….

Hey boys!  I am so excited only a few more days until the KENTUCKY DERBY…so CUM place your bets.

I and ready to STRADDLE you and we can “GO ALL OUT”.


10 minutes ONLY $18.00

15 minutes ONLY $25.00

20 minutes ONLY $35.00

So what are waiting for I’m dying to RIDE a THOUROUGHBRED!

Only 18!!!

My name is Emily, and I’m your teen dream. I turned 18 back in December and joined the phone sex industry shortly thereafter. I never could have imagined what was in store for me. In the short time I have been involved in this line of work, I have had the pleasure of exploring some of my deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies…and have even been introduced to many I never would have thought up without the help of some of the world’s hottest phone sex callers.

Now, a little bit about me personally… I have a deep interest in all things sexual. I began masturbating and reading erotica at a young age, and since then my sexual curiosity and desire to explore has only intensified. I love being 18 because I am still the bubbly, fun girl that I always have been, but now I have this sense of coming into my womanhood. I also enjoy finally being of “legal age” to do basically whatever I want! Except for drink… hehe. That’s another story altogether, though.

I have a particular affinity for older men… of course when you’re 18, the spectrum of older is quite a wide range. I prefer aged men because they tend to have more experience and know just how to treat a girl in order to give her the ultimate orgasm, or three or four. I like that they know how to appreciate my young, firm body and my tight little pussy. I especially like how much they enjoy my healthy sex drive and the fact that I never get tired of pleasing them! When it comes to guys closer to my age, I can have a good time with them too… I like corrupting virgins or the inexperienced, giving them the best sex they’ve ever had or will ever have… I like knowing that every time he is with someone, he will remember the girl who showed him just how mind-blowing sex can be…

My good deed for the day

I have this fucked up little neighbor boy that always watches me. I see him peeking through his windows any chance he can get. One morning I saw him on my front lawn stroking his cock right in front of my house. He was calling out my name. I couldn’t believe he had the balls to do that. I went outside, grabed him by his cock and led to into my house and up the stairs to my bedroom. I know he’s only seen some of my body so I un-tied my robe and showed him by bare body. His cock was standing straight up, he couldn’t believe he was in my bedroom. I made him jack off for me and I told him to do it just like he does late at night when he thinks about me. I told him he better cum a lot or don’t bother to cum at all! He was super excited looking at my body, he squirted cum every where. When he was done I told him to lick up his mess and leave. I did my good deed for the day. He got what he wanted and he left very happy.


Spoiled Brat~ and I love it!!!!

I always get what I want, when I want. And that is sometimes a lot!!! I like the way I feel when a man gives me money just for being me. For example, there is a man that is now called my Sugar Daddy. I met him a year ago at the mall while shopping for some cute panties. He’s older about 20 years and married but loves my company, even if it’s just for ice cream and a long chat. He loves staring at me while I lick my ice cream cone, giggles! Unlike some of the other guy’s I meet, he does not want his cock sucked or his dick to be put inside my tight, wet pussy, he just wants to spoil me the hell out of me. He enjoys me talking about my life and I enjoy his money. I am heartless, I know. Here I am taking money from this fat balding man who more then likely has not had sex in years but you know what? I love his big, fat wallet! It makes me feel so good spending his money. I love being a spoiled brat!

Teen Torrie loves it dirty!

Welcome to the world of the hottest and sluttiest teen on the net!  My daddy started playing with my little cunnie many many years ago.  I am only 19 now, so you do the math.  What that means is that I have more sexual experience than most women much older than me.  Not only am I daddys little whore, but there were many times that he like to share me with others.  His poker buddies, his Mistress, a co-worker, hell he even used me to get a raise from his perverted boss.

Sometimes daddy likes me to be sweet and innocent.  Slipping into a little babydoll nightie for him and some plain cotton panties.  Giggling and being sweet and shy.  Other times he likes to dress me up like a real slut and beg him to pound my tight little cunnie while his friends slam their dicks down my throat and make me gag.

I love it dirty, and I love it rough.  I am always looking for a dirty perverted daddy who is up to the challenge of curving the sexual slutty appetite of this teen twat.

Prissy teen drugged and forced to be a cock whore!

The fantasy is that I am a young hot teen girl who is kind of stuck up and dick tease.  Always dressing sexy and flirting but never putting out.  I am also a bratty little bitch to all the kids in school.

I am walking through the mall being my normal prissy self when some strange group of boys walk up to me and my girlfriends.  One of them starts talking to me and actually has the audacity to come right out and  basically ask me to fuck him.  I tell him I am not that kind of girl.  He appologizes and offers to buy me something to drink from the foodcourt.  Unknowing to me, while I am not looking he slips something in to my pepsi.

A bit later I start stuttering and staggering and feeling light headed and dizzy.  I see one of my girlfriends whispering to the boys and looking at me.  She comes and gets me and asks if I am ok and then takes me to the bathroom.  Next thing I know she has me sitting up on the sink and my skirt pulled up and she is licking my pussy.  I try to tell her to stop but I feel so lightheaded and disoriented I can’t.

Next thing I know one of the boys walk up to me and sticks something in my arm and I black out.  When I wake up I am naked and tied up with a bunch of kids from school staring at me, pointing and laughing.  I see one of the girls I cheated out of the head cheerleader spot.  I see another boy that I used to make fun of and wouldn’t date.  As I look around I see lots of kids that I have been mean to looking at me laughing and pointing.

The girl that I cheated out of the head cheerleader spot comes over and tells me that all of these people are here to see me be turned in to a nasty cock whore.  That they all paid to be apart of this happening to me.  That I was drugged and set up by my own friends.  She rolls over this huge maching with a huge thing that looks like a dildo and lines it up and I feel it split my asshole wide open.  I am begging and pleading for it to stop but everyone is just laughing at me.

The girl then tells me there is a special treat for my pussy.  In walks this black boy, the same black boy that tried to ask me out for a date that I was mean to and told him he was beneath me.  He walks over and slips his huge dick right in to my virgin pussy and I scream out.  He tells me that he is going to cum inside of my nasty cunt and then his 4 brothers are going to cum in to my pussy to and I am going to get pregneant but not know who the father is.  I cry and beg him to stop.

I am fucked and filled with so much cum.  Everyone is calling me a nasty cock whore, it is so damn humiliating.  However I am loving every  minute of it.  I become addicted to the cock and cum and having all of my prissy holes banged and squirted in.  Before its all over I even sign a contract promising to be all of their cock whores for the next 20 years and am begging them all to give me more cock and cum!

Ty for the hot call John, your imagination is incredible!

Hypnosis Phone Sex~Something you need to try!

It is a fantastically mesmerizing way to feel My power overwhelm, control, and tantalize all of you little submissives, whether you are long-time servants or hopeful new supplicants in need of the sweetly addictive nature of My power. I have been getting rave reviews from hypnodomination fetishists and those new to the experience for My innate ability to relax, induce, and control slaves through an extremely powerful trance. Many of My new hypnosis slaves have been genuinely stunned at how deep I can take them, control their minds when they reach this dreamy state, and make their fetishes come alive in an entirely new and very profound way. My voice, intellect, and natural intuition to weaken you from the inside out is literally a mind-blowing session that you do not want to miss. 

Be prepared to relax, perhaps with headphones if you have them, and with enough money in your accounts so that we are not interrupted in session. Optimum experiences last at least 30 minutes so let Me know before the call how much time you have available for us to play with. I can promise, as long as you are mentally prepared to relax, free Your mind and inhibitions, and let Me take control, that you will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you ready for your diaper change?

I just wanted to let you all know how much Mommy loves playing with you! I love helping you change your diapers, feeding you, burping you, and taking care of you in every which way that a good mommy does.

I know how badly you need and crave Mommy’s attention and help. Especially when you have a
big wet full diaper. It feels so good to have all warm pee filling up your diaper. It makes your little balls feel so warm. Now you need Mommys help to change it. Mommy may even give you a spanking for making such a big mess! After diaper changing Mommy has a bottle for you to suck on. Doesn’t that almost taste as good as the milk that comes from Mommy’s big breasts. Remember you only get that treat when your a really good boy! You need Mommy to take care of you. I love playing with you my diaper baby boys. Call mommy so we can play.

He knows….

My fantasy boy…he always knows what I want. He knows my desire to have my breasts worshipped. How I adore being licked. Sucked. Fondled. He buries his face in them. He longs for me to tell him what to do, how to please me. To be demanding. To sedate his wife and seduce him….knowing the way he desires me. He cannot resist. I take complete advantage of him in his fragile, vulnerable state. He belongs to me. To my tits. Make love to them. Devour them. Use your mouth…your hands…your cock. I am all you desire. Your need to worship my breasts consumes you. Let it…..and become mine.



A special note to me from a wonderful man:

I had no idea what I was getting into when I first encountered Rosanna in the chatroom. She was very warm and encouraging, and I quickly learned to feel comfortable with her and to let my guard down.

But something quite interesting happened along the way. As her words and her voice stilled my busy mind, I discovered that she was planting seeds inside my mind. Seeds that with repeated contact with her began to grow and caress my will. Each time I thought of her, it was like her will was gently taking over. It was as if I had allowed someone inside me who knew what I wanted and needed, and she was going to make certain I got it.

At some point, I flashed this mental image of her will like vines, delicate tendrils that began to wrap themselves around my wrists and ankles as her voice echoed inside my head, telling me again and again that I belonged to her. She kept saying how proud she was of me for letting go and surrendering to her.

And then I had this fleeting mental image of her holding my face in her warm, soft hands as she stood over me, and as others watched, she kissed my forehead the way a woman would kiss the forehead of a treasured child.

She asked me how it made me feel to think such things. I admitted that it made me blush. “Of course it did,” she told me. “I wanted it to.”

She continued to peel back the layers of my psyche as the soft, tender vines continued to caress and bind my wrists and ankles. I knew I should have resisted the vines, but they were so soft and seemed so harmless. “What could possibly happen?” I asked myself.

I soon discovered what could happen. “You’re letting me in,” she said softly in a voice that only a caring, controlling woman could use when she is hungry to devour a mind … and a soul. But she’s so pretty, isn’t she? So caring. I felt the vines slowly pull back on my wrists and ankles. Still, no desire to resist. Just the sight of her eyes sucking me in so gently, and the rest of the world seemed to be fading away to irrelevance. So warm and so affectionate, she kept up the caring assault on my resistance. “So pretty when you blush,” she said. My breathing slowed to almost nothing as I grew enraptured in her gaze, her warm brown eyes draining me of any shred of resistance I might have offered her.

I’m fairly certain of what happened next, but I’d become pretty dazed. “So proud of you,” she said again, holding my face again in her one hand as the other brought out a soft pink collar. “Pretty pets deserve pretty things,” she said, caressing my cheek with the collar. I tried to speak to say I didn’t dare wear such a thing because what would people say?

“Hush baby,” she said, shaking her head, pressing a finger to my lips. “Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Pretty baby hush.” I was in such a fog by then that the collar went on with no struggle from me. She was psychologically drugging me and I no longer had the will to resist her. And she led me to see that others could see, led me to see that I was naturally hers, led me to understand that it was only natural for her to control me and for me to give myself to her without reservation.

And I do believe I am forever changed, forever hers as she drives deeper and deeper inside, the milk of her mind nourishing and growing my need to surrender. So cherished by her, and so bereft of any reason to struggle any longer, I blossom under her care and become eternally her possession.