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When you called I was in my tub, surrounded by hot water, green tea scented bubbles, and steam. I relaxed into the water, and let my hands caress my nipples, circling, tweaking a little. One hand moved down my body, trailing along the soft flesh of my belly, and finally began to circle my already sensitive clit, as I listened to you telling me how many fingers you were inserting in me;

Back in my tub, I rub my clit between two fingers, hard. I’m already past wanting any kind of gentle lead-up to climax. The water swishes and splashes on my arm as my hips gyrate and cause my own miniature tub-tsumani. Listening to you always does that to me.

My own fingers mimic what I imagine yours to be doing… pressing straight into me, two, no three fingers thrusting inside me, making me gasp and contract my muscles on them. I whimper as three fingers ravage me, fuck me. I hear your hot breath as you whisper”Now, cum baby, now.”

I feel my own orgasm, hot, hotter than the bath water around me, gush past my finger, as my vagina contracts then releases, and I hear my own muffled sounds, your name gasped, my ragged breathing. That’s when I struggle to normalize my breathing, splash a little water on my flushed face, and make a move to leave my bath. Until next time!

My Perfect Little Slut!

Today I made him my perfect lil slut.  Yeah that right,  I made him give into me.  I started by making him change his clothes and put on a nice pair of silky thigh highs, pretty satin panties and a bra to match.  He wanted me so bad…..He promised to do anything.  After I had him dressed and changed his name to LEXI the fun began.  I made him crawl around and beg to please me in anyway possible.  I made him my personal little COCKSUCKER…yep I invited a guy friend over and made my new slut LEXI suck him off.  I even strapped up and pounded LEXI’S girlie hole and it was nice and tight. I made LEXI feel so good that it didn’t take long before LEXI was begging me to CUM.  So if you wanna  CUM nice and hard …..ring my line for some hot KINKY FUN….NO LIMITS NO TABOOS…..JUST PURE ADULT X-RATED FUN.

Morning sex with my Brother and Mommy {TRUE STORY}

I walked in Mom’s room the other day and there was my brother fucking Mom from behind really hard. I noticed Mommy’s floppy titties bouncing everywhere as my bro was pumping her pussy. I couldn’t help myself but to suck on her big, hard nipples while she was enjoying my brothers cock. Mom likes her nipples to be pulled, the harder you pull them the harder she screams for pleasure. After I tortured Mommy’s nipples, I went down and pulled out my brothers cock out of her pussy and sucked all mom’s juices of his cock. Boy!! Did her pussy taste so yummy. I don’t know what it is but Mommy’s pussy taste awesome first thing in the morning. He got done fucking her from behind and he wanted to be inside of me. I straddled my brothers cock and fucked him hard while Mom was behind me licking his balls and my tiny little asshole. He didn’t know who to cum in so I had the idea of cumming all over both Mommy and I while we were on our knees making out and playing with our titties. I could taste my Moms tounge after it’s been it my butthole and it tasted sooo good! My brother plastered Mom and I with a huge load of cum and we licked it off one another. It tasted so good. My bro always has thick, clumps of cum and he cums so much too. There was plenty of cum to go around. Even he tasted some off my Mom’s tits. God, I love my family so much!!

{The pic you see above is an actual pic of my Brother and Mom, don’t tell them you saw it}

Amazing smile with an adorable voice!

Everyone tells me that they love my smile. I am a happy person who loves to laugh and have fun. It’s always entertaining to be with me as I look for adventure even in the little things. Do you love to explore or be explored? Close your eyes and let me join your wildest fantasy. I have an adorable voice, a creative mind, a warm loving spirit and a tight hot body. What else do you need? If you are looking for a girl who can not only get you off, but has fun doing it, then I am the one for you! I was born to tease and be pleased. I am a fun loving girl who admits to being a naughty nympho. No taboos with me!  Let’s talk!   Sadie

Super Bowl Weekend phone sex Special.

Super Bowl Weekend Special!

From now until Monday morning I will be offering the following specials to all of you crazy football fans.

10 minute call –$16.00

30 minute call –$40.00

That is a fukktabulous savings.

So while you are preparing for all those Superbowl parties take a few minutes out and give me a call.

I mean your cock does deserve to celebrate too, right?

Sierra’s Shower

I was in the shower when my room mate came home.  Ode was his name we had been living with each other for six months.  I would masturbate when he was sleeping in the other room, just hoping he would hear my moans.  I didn’t know it but he found my journal and all the naughty things I had written about him.  The door opened to the bathroom.

“Sierra, it’s me Ode.  Can I cum in,” he asked.  “Sure, I was hoping you could get me my towel, it is out of my reach.”  Ode pulled back the curtain and he was naked.  My heart skipped.  “Mmmmm, does Ode want to join me,” I asked.  “Can I” as he stepped his naked body into the shower with me.  We kissed passionately while the warm water hit my back.  He caressed my body with the soap.  His hands slipped all over my body and I moaned with pleasure.  His cock was so hard, I couldn’t help but to get down on my knees and suck it.  I took it deep into my throat.  His head flipped back and he pushed my head deeper onto his cock.

“Do you want my cum in your mouth,” he gasped.  “Yes, baby!  Give me that warm cum.  I want to swallow every last drop.”  Ode pushed my head harder and faster on his cock.  He gagged me and my eyes watered.  I loved it.  I tickled his balls and then took my hand to his soft spot.  I could feel his throbbing cock jerk.  I pushed my finger deeper into his soft spot and he exploded in my mouth.  “Mmmmmmm, your cum taste delicious.”  Ode had this big smile on his face and he said, “Thanks, I needed that!”

Totally hot!!!

Too bad the snow kept my man away…..Mike and I had a real hot call all by ourselves…Chase was with us in spirit, tho!!!i just love being pounded by 2 hot guys!!! maybe next time, right baby???We will be sure to contact u!!



My New Toy is Cumming!

Focus… one of my secrets to multiple multiple orgasms, I think. All my attention on my sensation, and my partne, or toy of the moment. In the moment. Put aside everything else and just Be Here Now. And expect it to be good. If you expect to not come, then you won’t. I always expect and know I will, so I do. A lot! But recently, with the broken vibrator, I got to the top of a wave and got stuck there… agony… screaming frustration… a taste perhaps of what other women experience? Up high, so high, just need a little… more… dear gods, please, just a LITTLE MORE… FUCK, GODDESS PLEASE! PLEASE!!! SHIT IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, OMG, NOOOO…. It wasn’t until I relaxed a tiny bit and got back into the sensation, re-focused onto how good it felt that I was able to crest the wave and go over… and it was good, hard, shattering. But the rabbit almost got thrown across the room!
So, I have just ordered a new toy, and it arrives tomorrow. I overnight expressed it!! It’s the Hitachi Magic Wand, and I am sooo excited! I can’t wait to get it. So,line up boys, who wants to break it in with me??!! I know my first time is going to be awesome, and with an outstandint orgasm. I need someone to help break it in with me. So give me a call and be the first to hear me moan with pleasure, it’s gonna be one call that you wont soon forget!


Almost game time….boyzzz

Get the beer on tap, the pizza in the oven, the munchies ready and a litle pussy for halftime. Not just any pussy but my pussy, silly! What’s more exciting for halftime- me or watching Bruce Sringsteen! Oh yes, I keep up with this shit. Who you routing for? Arizona Cardinals or the Pittsburgh Steelers? It’s going to be a fun day and I’m all over it!! Literally (LOL)