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Where you least expect to masturbate…

Sometimes, the horny urges just hit you so suddenly that you don’t have time to grab a suitable sex toy.

Tonight, in the tub (of course), I became very aroused while maintaining my bikini lines.  My hands began to wonder, to fondle, to rub… and before you know it, I was panting in the water, aching to be fucked.  Only I was alone in the house and didn’t want to get out of the bath.  I looked around, desperate to find a household object that might handle the task but saw only the Venus razor in my hand.  So I pop the blades out, turn the handle around and rub the flat rounded surface against my swollen clit.  I noticed that there are soft flexible rubber ridges on the other side, so I turn the handle around.  The ridges felt fucking amazing as they rippled against my clit and I heard myself moan out loud.  I slide the turquoise handle inside my tight horny pussy hole and discovered a juicy secret… those rubber ridges stimulate the g-spot in the most incredible fucking way!  Who would have ever imagined!  (Gillette dropped the marketing ball on THAT one, might I add!)  I lay in the hot water, fucking my smoothly shaved pussy with that Venus, and within seconds of thrashing in the water like a helpless fool… I came.  HARD.  I blush at the very memory of it!

PS: And to think they have a VIBRATING Venus razor now… Oh the bliss!!!!

*The Princess Speaks*

Hey boys! Your little Princess is here and ready for some fun. I just got home from shopping as usual. If you don’t know me by now I do love to go shopping. It’s my favorite hobby and I am so good at it 😉 I love to dress really sexy and you normally find me wearing pink nighties and thongs. I love to be spoiled and have men take care of me.  If you treat me really good, I will pay you back in other ways (winks).  Can’t wait to play!

Rockin da house baby!


Hey lovers…. Hope you have a good time tonight. I’m going out with my girlies and havin a BLAST… We got parties to go too, people to see, guys to do. I will be home in the wee hours of the morning, so don’t wait up. I’m planing on seeing one of my chicka’s from highshool. She’s smoking hot and we have fooled around before and I’m ready to do it again. The hair is down baby and I’m ready 2 rock da house!! PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG~ WOO HOO!!!


What’s your next move?


Hey Tiger… This is your favorite girl Trixie. I just wanted to say hello and wish you all a very Happy New Year! I’m working a little bit at the casino tonight and then I’ll be home and all horned up and ready for action. What’s you’r next move babe? You ready for a wild, untamed girl like myself? In my little world there are no rules and I sometimes I don’t play fairly (winks).

As you may already know, I live in Vegas and it’s a HUGE night here. Honestly, when I get off from the casino I feel like talking dirty and getting off myself rather than hanging with my girls.

  I hope your next move is with me…  


New Years Tends To Be Over Rated…

Tonight’s a very big night for some. For me, I am still recovering from the holiday hoop-las. I think tonight I am going to take a hot, bubble bath, put on some comfy clothes and watch a movie. I don’t feel like dealing with the crowds, the over priced drinks and of course the men thinking they can pick up any chick that looks their way. I want to be relaxed in my own home that I call my “sanctuary”. I am going to light all the candles in my house and cozy in. My phone will be on tonight so, I hope I hear from you. Let’s stay in and make a memorable New Years of our own. 

Tantalizing Toby 


Control Me

Oh, how I would LOVE to act out this fantasy…  What an erotic delight to push that little egg inside me, only to give the controls to a twisted dominant guy for a few days.  The erotic thrill of my body being mercilessly tormented without the priviledge of any physical contact, day or night, by unpredictably random waves of discreet vibrations… priceless.  To be sitting at work, or having dinner at a public venue, and to watch the smirk on his face as he watches me attempting to remain calm and in control while he slides his hand into his pocket to activate the remote.  I would partly fear (and partly anticipate) the firm yet amused look in his eyes as he would tease my dripping wet pussy from a distance.  The beads of sweat forming on my forehead, my teeth biting down on my lower lip, the pleading look of ditress in my eyes…  and the internal quiver of my most female organs as they explode into orgasm out of sight from onlookers.  Fuck.  I love being controlled!

Got off on HORSE Cock {True Story}

My older brother showed me a video on the internet of a black girl getting fucked my a huge horse cock. I have never seen that before. My jaw dropped to the floor, I couldn’t believe how big this horse cock was and this girl was taking it like a champ. As we were watching, my brother grabed his dick through his jeans. It was getting him so excited and it was making me horny as well. I pulled down his jeans and he took off my clothes. I slide my tiny cunt onto his hard cock and we fucked on the computer chair while watching that video. It was hot. My back was facing the computer, so every now and then I would turn my head so I could watch that huge HORSE COCK fuck that little black girl and it made me so fucking wet. I came 3x on my brothers cock. He put a nice load inside me too and then he had me sit on his face so he could eat it out of me. That video got us both sooooo hott. I can’t wait to see another video.

[ The pic I posted is my brother and I having sex last week, his bestfriend took pics]

Morning…sleepy head!

I love getting woken up in the morning with nice soft, sensual kisses. Warm buddies under the covers, toes playing footsie with one another, long stares into each other’s eyes. Nothing beats that intimate morning arousal before you start your day. I love the kind of relationship where you don’t care how bad your hair looks in the a.m. or how horrible your breath stinks. I want the kind of relationship where none of that stuff matters. The only thing that matters at the moment is giving each other pleasure.

Let’s make love under the covers like wild animals and not worry about any alarm clocks or being late to work. I just want to be so engaged with you and having the ulitmate orgasm. 

 Till next time, Brandy Lynn

CUM To The Darkside….

SICK, TWISTED, PERVERTED, DEMENTED and DISTURBED are a few names to describe me. I’m into pain and making you feel weak in the knees but I will leave you begging for more, darling. Phone sex with me is different from all the other blonde bimbos and wanna-bes out there. I’m raw, uncut and raunchy for your listening pleasure. I don’t think like most girls and you don’t get that FAKE shit with me. I will own your fucking cock and balls when I am done with you. I am not your Goddess or your Mistress, I’m just IVY! A girl that’s unleashed and you’ll fucking love me. Cum darling- Cum to the darkside. I promise you won’t want to leave once you get there.

      Poison Ivy

Young and eager!

Cum get your little girl! I’m only 18 and I have fucked so many older guys. My bald, little pussy drips everytime I see an older guy with a nice big bulge in his pants. I was in the mall last week Christmas shopping and I walked past Santa. I even got him looking at my tight, lil teen body. I have to admit, I got a little excited thinking about dropping his pants and taking Santa’s cock out and fucking him in front of all the kids waiting in line. HeHe- I am soo bad, but I love it. I love to fuck and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. My pussy can’t get enough. Love the married men but I’ll take whatever cums my way.


Baby Bethany