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Hot New Guy In Town

You are the hot new guy in town. All the ladies are talking about you and flirting with you. You are a sexy bad boy, strong, muscular, mysterious, a man of few words. Rumor has it that you have a great cock and are single.

I spot you at the post office. You are filling out your forwarding address paperwork. Everyone is staring. You are captivating and charming, but rugged and manly. I mail my package and hang back watching and waiting for you. You finish your business at the counter. As you walk past me, you nod and put your sunglasses on. I follow behind you and watch you hop on your motorcycle. Damn, you are hot!

Lucky for me, you turn right out of the parking lot which is the same direction that I need to travel. Maybe I can follow you. I am an only a couple of cars behind you at the first red light. My pussy is throbbing from the excitement. I have never stalked a guy before now. I almost lose you at the next light, but I hurry through the yellow light.

There is quite a bit of traffic as we get closer to the mall, but I manage to keep you in my sight. You drive past my building, but I decide to keep following you. I tell myself just five more minutes. You turn right, so I turn right. I follow you into my favorite fish market. I sit in my car for few minutes and touch up my makeup. I walk inside and realize that you are there for an interview. You are talking with the owner behind the counter. The owner is the only one there today. He greets me with a friendly smile and tells me all about the special of the day. I point to you. I tell the owner that I want you. Did I just make you blush? The owner realizes that you would be great for business. Every lady in town will make extra trips to his fish market just to get a glimpse of you. The owner sees the excitement in my eyes and hires you on a trial basis. You can start right away. I can be your first customer. He goes into the back of the shop.

You smile at me. You ask if you just saw me at the post office. I admit that I followed you here, but I live close and stop here a couple of times a week. I am so turned on. I want to run my hands all over your chest. You are hot, and I want you. In my fantasy, we fuck right here and now. I suck your cock as you look down at me with your smoldering bedroom eyes. You bend me over the counter and fuck me. Well, a fish market is a horrible place for sex, and you just got hired. The reality would not quite be as sexy as my fantasy.

When you ask me what I would like, I order Gulf shrimp and invite you to my place for dinner tonight. I give you a kiss and tell you that I can’t wait to get you naked.


Gang Bang Phone Sex

It is a holiday weekend. The beach and my favorite beach bars are going to be full of tourists and visitors. I need to get away from it all and have some nasty fun!

I head to the local biker bar. Before long I have an invitation to get away from the beach to spend the weekend with a bikers’ club. These weekend warriors know how to party like there is no tomorrow. The beer is cold, my pussy is hot, and their dicks are long. Sounds like the perfect way for me to kick off a holiday weekend.

I don’t need fireworks for a good “bang.” I got a club of bikers, all who enjoy sharing me. All who want to give me a hot fuck. These boys are hardcore! I let me all cum in me. All that wet cum dripping from my pussy from a wonderful gang bang. Care to join the gang?

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Rainy Day Phone Sex

Another rainy day here. When you are stuck inside on a stormy afternoon, the best thing to do is to spend some sexy time with me. Imagine if you were my next door neighbor. Just stop by, knock on the door, and let’s fuck. Naughty neighbors make the best fuck buddies. You know me so well. You know that it won’t take me to get me naked and I am always in the mood to fuck. I give you the best blowjobs, even better than your girlfriend. I love sucking your cock. I do that thing with my tongue when I am looking right into your eyes. Now, fuck me hard! I take it deeper and fuck you longer than she does. No one makes you cum as hot as I do. We can spend the afternoon licking, sucking and fucking. Let’s treat each other to a little afternoon delight instead of complaining about the weather.


Hot Roommate Wanted

tara girl on girl
I rent a condo on the Gulf in Florida with two girlfriends. The location is perfect. Top floor, fantastic view. Rent is expensive, but when divided by three, affordable. One of my roommates is moving back to Miami with her boyfriend, so we are looking for a new roomie. So many girls want to live here. We want to make sure that the new girl will be a good fit for us. She needs to be wild, fun, sexy, and ready to join in the party at a moment’s notice.

Since there are so many girls that are interested in living here with us, there should be a contest. Let’s have all the interested candidates here for a party. The winner gets to take over the empty bedroom and live in one the best condos on the beach, with two hot girls and lots of hot guys around us. Since you enjoy hanging out here, why don’t you help be a judge? Always good to get a guy’s opinion.

The girl has got to be hot. She must be flirty and fun. She needs to understand that we have parties here, and we have sex on the balcony. No conservative girls will be seriously considered. The last thing that I want to do is live with a prudish girl. She must be uninhibited. Once we have it narrowed down, let’s have the final candidate join you and me in a threesome. She must rock both our worlds before we let her sub-let.


Hot Bikini Girl Needs You


In need of a vacation, but you can’t get away? You need some time with me, your sexy beach girl!

The beach is hot, but so am I! My body is bikini ready, and I am ready for lots of hot summer days and long sexy nights spent with you. Summer is the time to let all the inhibitions drift away. The sun makes me extra horny. I have a new bikini for the summer, and guys are noticing. I love flaunting my firm body in my new bikini.

Guys ask me to join them in a game of beach volleyball. I suspect that they are secretly hoping that my bikini top slips down, and they get a peek at my nipple. When the girls and I are laying out on the beach, guys will throw a football in our direction to get our attention. My ass already has their attention. It is a very passive-aggressive way to start a conversation with a sexy girl. A classy gentleman might ask me out for dinner or ask me to join him on his boat. Maybe it is me that joins you on the beach, and invites you up to my condo on the beach to show you the view. The view is great, but my body is even hotter than the view.

The flirting and game playing on the beach is all part of our foreplay. Playful Seduction is leading to unforgettable sex. My bright orange bikini on my tan body is alluring and sexy. I am so hot and ready for you to join me in a seaside fantasy for the two of us. Do we have sex on the balcony or do we have sex on the beach?


Dominate You While You Are Wearing My Panties

blue 1

You are a big guy. You have muscles, sexy hairy chest, and you have a long cock. We enjoy having sex together. One day you confess that you have a panty fetish. You are kind of shy about it, but you share your secret with me when we are in bed. You ask me for an old pair of panties that you can take home and masturbate with when we are not together. I smile and give you a kiss. I am such a wicked girl! I play a domination game with you. I get up out of bed, and I pull out a pair of very stretchy silky textured panties from my lingerie drawer. I command you to put on the panties. You are shocked, and you stammer and mumble some words that I don’t understand. I look you right in the eyes, lean down and start rubbing my silky panties against your balls. Teasing you and dominating you, I am in control now. Put on these panties! You take them from me and put them on. You feel shame but excitement at the same time. The experience is thrilling for both of us. I stand over the bed, towering over you and instruct you to masturbate in my panties. I edge you and edge you. Finally, I let you cum in my panties.

My Ass Makes You Hot!

butt picYou are a man who appreciates a sexy round butt. You notice my butt in sexy tight jeans at the club.  While we are on the dance floor, you pull me close to you. Your hands are on my butt, and you give my cheeks a nice squeeze. Firm but meaty! Your dick gets hard on the dance floor. I spin around and dance my ass against your cock. You almost cum in your pants.  My ass is so hot and is making you even hotter!

At the end of the song, I can see your predicament, that nice big bulge in your pants. I invite you back to my place and promise to make it worth your while. We walk along the beach back to my condo. You walk with your arm around my waist and let your hand slip down to my ass. You squeeze that ass again. Fuck you want that ass!

It is actually a very short walk, but it seems like hours until we get back to my place. As soon as the door closes, you get me out of my jeans and top. You take me right there in my living room.  You worship my round sexy ass. You kiss and rub your hard dick all over my cheeks. You pull me up on my hands and knees and fuck me, HARD, from behind. You fuck me, thrusting so hard, watching your thick sexy cock pumping in and out of slippery wet pussy. So tight, so hot! You fuck my pussy from behind until I cum. You really want that ass! You slowly work your cock into my ass and give me a very fierce Ass Fucking!



Three’s Company


You live next door and after weeks of flirting, we have become very friendly sexy neighbors. I know my roommate has a crush on you, but you are very cute and fun. We have been together many times now. We know how to make each other cum so hard. We keep it exciting and hot. On Friday, I finally told my roommate about us. I told her all about your cock. She got excited.

You and I have a good time together. We are evenly matched and always up for a sexual adventure. We are not dating. We are just fucking and having a blast. Nothing off the table, no limits. You know I like it hot and rough. You find it very kinky that I am a  wild exhibitionist. You have fucked me on the balcony and on that picnic table at the park. I know that you like a really deep blowjob and you tell me that I am the best at sucking your cock.

It is Sunday and I invite you to stop by and watch football with me. During the games, we can get naked and fuck. I am hoping that we get caught. We get right into it and start going at it in the living room on the sofa. I don’t hear the door open because we are both moaning so loud.  I turn around and see my roommate there. I see that she is very turned on. I tell her to take off her panties and join in the fun.

When you are with me, three’s company because I love threesomes!


Best Blowjob Phonesex


I love the feel of your cock in my mouth. I get so much pleasure sucking your cock. My pussy tingles the deeper I suck your cock. 

Your cock is twitching right now just thinking about my  warm mouth wrapped around your hard shaft. Sucking, up and down! Slowly at first. Driving you crazy. Your hands in my hair, pulling my head down, taking you deeper.  I take more and more of that long shaft. Feeling it get thicker and harder. Oh, how you moan for me as I suck your cock. 

My eyes water. My mascara runs down my face. I do not stop. I just keep sucking and sucking. I run my tongue along the shaft as I keep my lips tightly wrapped around your cock. 

You are hard now. Call me and let me finish you off. I love the taste of your cum.


Sunday Night Football


While he is watching Sunday Night Football, I am home alone playing with my hot, wet pussy. My fingers stimulate my clit. Feels so good.  I have been in the sun all day, on the beach. The sun always makes me extra horny. I was hoping that my friend with benefits boyfriend was going to stop by and that we were going to fuck tonight. Earlier today, he invited me over to watch the game with his buddies. Not really what I had in mind. My pussy needs attention tonight.

My fingers know how to pleasure my pussy. I use my thumb on my clit and my fingers deep inside my pussy. I know just how much pressure to apply. I push those fingers deep inside of that pussy. I really work that pussy hard, just like your cock. Those fingers curve around very deep inside. By rubbing that special spot, I achieve one sexy orgasm.  

Wow, that was hot but now I REALLY need cock! Need to you to fuck me!