Your Candee Mistress

And I give it,
Receiving him with a grace unmatched
A beauty uncensored

my lips are upon yours,
And you open before me.
Releasing to my guidance
You let me in.

I am all around you,
Within and beyond you
You’re suffocating on my name
Even when you’re breathing.

I like to see you begging,
Like the words that fall from your’ sexy lips
I command you to please me
And you do my every whim

When you’re bad I spank you,
Show you where you’re wrong
I dont  let your’ tears stop me
Until I”m satisfied you’ve learned

Then I’m oh so very gentle
Wipe away your tears
Soothe your’ burning body
And kiss away your thoughts

I play his body like an instrument
Only he can learn
Take him to the brink of pleasure
With nothing but my tongue

You worship me
Cry out my name
as you reach the highest peaks
to fall back to my arms again.

Your Candee Mistress.

Always there for you.

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