Taste of Honey

We were putting all the Christmas decorations away and getting the house back in order. We have been working at this all day, and we were exhausted.  I suggest we slip into the kitchen for some leftover holiday treats. We are eating them in the dimly lit kitchen. Like the calories don’t count or something if eaten in the dark. 

We have really worked up an appetite, but the holiday cookies are a bit stale and unappetizing. As I am leaning over the counter, you get a glimpse of my red bra peeking under my sweater. You pull me into you. We kiss and giggle. Amazing how quickly our appetites have changed to sex.

We undress each other an and kiss. The honey bear is on the counter. You open and pour some raw honey on my tits and lick it off. We end up having sticky, sexy sex on the floor of our kitchen. 

Always Yours,


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