Snuggle Time

My Phone Sex Daddy’s love to spoil me with lots and lots of orgasms. Last night he came into my room really late so we could snuggle with each other. He runs his hands through my hair telling me how beautiful I am. He kisses me all over my body while he pushes his cock against me. My Daddy’s always want me to show them how much I love them. Giving lots of kisses all the way down to his bulge. My mouth moving quickly licking and sucking, I could taste a little bit of his yummy pre-cum. He gets so excited that he grabs my pretty little face and drives his cock deep down my throat. When he knows I’m really excited and my juices are building up, he always wants to taste his sweet girl. His face snuggled between my thighs kissing my smooth wet pussy. He makes me feel so good. He holds me tight when I cum for him and whispers¬† that he has another special surprise for me.¬† He makes me beg for it every time.

Cassidy <3

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