Panty Sniffing Daddy

I wondered why the house was so quiet when I came in!  So, I sneaked up the stairs, all quiet like, to see who was home.  And that’s when I heard you Daddy.  In my room!  Oh Daddy, I opened the door just a wee little bit, and peeked on you long enough to see just what kind of pervert you really are!

I saw you playing in my panty drawer Daddy!  And if that wasn’t enough, you went into my laundry hamper to fish out all of my soiled dirty panties!  Oh my god and then you even SNIFFED them Daddy!  At first I couldn’t believe my eyes, you sniffing and licking at my panties.  But then my pussy started to get all wet and slippery!  Watching you turns me on, so much so that I have to join you Daddy!

Call me to find out what I’ll do to you once I catch you in my panty drawer or laundry hamper, sniffing and licking my panties!


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