Opening That Back Door

It’s funny when I start dating a guy and he tells me he’s never had any bisexual experiences and he’s never engaged in any kind of ass play with previous girlfriends. LOL, they’re all full of shit. Every guy likes a little bit of ass play, especially if I’m involved. I took him out with the girls and I. We hit a few bars and clubs we were pretty lit by the time we got back to my place. He pretty much passed out on my couch looking pathetic and helpless. I stripped him down to nothing. It was the perfect time to take advantage of him. I pushed his legs opened and started sucking his cock while I eased my finger in his puckered asshole. A little moan left his mouth while his cock twitched. I decided to work my finger deeper into his ass. His cock was hard as a rock in my mouth, he was loving it and not even realizing it.  I really could have used some lube but it wasn’t at my expense so I just spit on my fingers and worked in the 2nd and 3rd finger in his tight ass while he was moaning in his sleep. I was gonna open his sweet lil ass up and get him ready for some strap-on play. No way, was he getting out of this. Before I even started with him I made sure I set my phone across the room to record the entire thing. No one squirms away from me during play time.



Written By: Summer
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