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Hey, there all my cock sucking fags or should I say my cock sucking want-to-be sluts. Are you wondering how good it would feel to be with a she-male? In other words, I am a CHICK WITH A DICK! I just love having a man to suck on and a huge cock to give him pleasure with. I love my cock sucked and I love sucking cock.

Teaching guys how to suck and lick a delicious cock like mines gives me so much pleasure. Watching my rock hard cock growing into your throat while I ram it down your whore throat is the best. I’ll bend you over and shove this fat cock up your sweet little tight asshole and make you my bitch. Be amazed as I blast a huge load of cum down your throat or inside your asshole, whichever you prefer. We can switch the tables and you can fuck me up my ass too.  Pick up the phone and give me call for the thrill of being with a she-male, I promise you will enjoy it. Honey, your little secret is safe with me.


Tranny Mindy
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Shemale Mindy Phone Sex Secrets

What naughty5 little secrets do you want to share with a girl like me? We all have them, some bigger than others. We get to that point where we have to speak to someone, anyone about our secrets or they will eat us alive. You will be able to dismiss all of your demons once you reveal your secrets to me, no matter what secret may be. Are you secretly longing for cock and you have been all of your life? You can even tell me about the dreams that haunt you at night of the images of your lips wrapped around a thick, hard cock, licking up and down the shaft of that hard rock cock, then taking it deep into your mouth and enjoying every single inch of it. In fact, some men like to take it even farther and learn what another man’s cock feels like in their mouth and throat. I’ve made cumsluts out of more than one manly man, and I have many indents on my lipstick case when it comes to popping anal cherries.
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Tranny Domme Phone Sex

I am a sensual Tranny Domme Phone Sex Princess that can make your first time or every time very pleasing. Have you ever been with a shemale? We are gorgeous women that have nice surprises cindy7between our legs. I have an eight-inch cock for you. My sexy voice will stimulate your fantasy as well as your body. I also have a completely ass fetish, and I love giving and receiving anal sex. Watching my cock forced inside your tight shit hole just makes me almost explode. As I pound your tight ass and make you submit to my hard thrusts, I’ll fill your tight ass with my hot lady cum. And in the end, I’ll let you taste my cock after it’s finished with your tight ass So you can clean your juices off of it. I love just guiding your mouth back and forth on my hard dick and making you swallowing every drop of my cum. Whether it is your first time, or you have experienced it before I can make it satisfying for you. Cum take a licky, licky!
Shemale Mindy

My First Time

I am often asked about my first experience with sex, seeing as I am somewhat special,

Truth be told, it was kinda twisted, lol. A boy who lived in my neighborhood and I just never got along. He used to bully me something horrible. All thru school he was so nasty to me, but thank God he never knew my secret. His parents and mine were friends, tho so at least I knew they were nice, but Jeff hid his contempt for me, so I think they thought we were friends. One afternoon, Jeff broke into my locker at school and stole a necklace of mine; a locket that had been my Grandmothers. I was in tears as I hunted all over the school for him, missed my bus and had to walk home in the rain. I stopped at Jeff’s house to get my locket back. His Mom was there. She let me in and gave me a towel, as I explained what had happened. She said he had taken off again after returning home and changing. She told me she knew we didn’t get along, and that sometimes she was just at her wits end with him, hoping her would find a nice girl like me someday…a girl like me?

I told her I didn’t think anyone wanted a girl like me. She told me I might be surprised at who could appreciate me.

Jeff’s mom was the Milf of the neighborhood. Tall, blonde, leggy, totally hot, I was always nervous around her. After looking in Jeff’s room for my locket and coming up empty, she caught me staring at her hard nipple thru her shirt. “I don’t wear a bra around the house sweetie. They may not be as high as they used to be, but they still get plenty of attention”… I stammered that I thought they were very nice, and felt myself getting hard, damn my fucking sweatpants!

There was no hiding it as she looked down in admiration and smiled. Next thing I knew, our lips met, and my hand flew up her shirt. She was kissing me as her hand slipped down the front of my sweats and she grabbed my cock.”You are much bigger than I thought! Have you ever done this before sweetie?” “Nuh-no” I stammered. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom, and slowly closed the door.

Call me if you want all the juicy details. Oh, I cant forget the next day, my locket was returned to the school office in a plain white envelope, with my name on the front, and the word “sorry” on the back.

It smelled like perfume, whoever had taken it, may have gotten an envelope and an ass-chewing from their mother.

We learn something new every day…

If you’re out there, and you’re reading this right now, I just want you and the rest of the world to know how much fun I had fucking you in your tight, virgin asshole last night. I know that you thought you must have been the luckiest man in the club, being seen walking out with me on your arm. I know that you noticed all the other men’s jealous eyes trained on you. I could feel them watching my tight, perky ass and my gorgeous tits as I shook and swayed my way out the door. I could feel my cock getting hard as we made our way out the door, and I was just hoping that it would not be too obvious, as my asscheeks were already hanging out the bottom of my schoolgirl miniskirt. Little did you know that as your hand creeped lower and lower down my ass, it was getting closer and closer to the surprise I had in store for you soon. The look on your face was priceless when you finally stopped sucking on my beautiful tits after our hour long makeout session on your couch and actually pulled down my panties. I must admit that I was a little bit surprised when you said “Fuck it” and started to stroke my cock with one hand while the other slowly swirled around my tight, pink asshole, your mouth still gently nibbling at my perfect little nipples. I could tell by the way your cock was starting to swell and throb that you were curious, that you wanted to know how it felt to have another man inside you. Best of both worlds, I bet you kept telling yourself… No one will ever know, right? Well, you’re lucky that I don’t remember your name from all the Cosmopolitans you were feeding me. Jeff, John, Jerry? Some shit that started with a J, at any rate. I remember the way you turned around and looked at me with wild abandon and fire in your eyes when you felt the tip of my perfect cock start to swirl around your asshole. I knew you would explode quickly, but I didn’t think you’d blow your load all over those Dior satin sheets the second I reached your prostate… Oh, you didn’t know you had a g-spot too? Well, I guess we all learn something new every day, right?  At any rate, I can’t remember your name, but I do remember you cumming over and over again all over those black satin sheets. Or formerly black, at any rate. I hope I see you again soon, I really can’t wait to see that look in your eyes once more, that look of surprise and delight at how incredible it feels to have a cock inside you while a pair of perfect tits brushes against your back and shoulders. Anyway, I’ll be waiting and watching. I can’t wait to see you again, whatever your name is…

Reality Check with Mindy

Hello my little bitches, this is shemale Mindy your resident “special girl” I know you have been toying with the idea of playing with a special girl like me. You have run the idea through your mind, more times than you can count. How many times have you laid in your bed, stroke, stroke, stroking that cock, up and down, imagining what it would be like to have a cock in your mouth, and tit’s dangling over your face. Well look no further, because Mindy is here to save your poor swollen cock from a lifetime of dreaming rather than doing. Why waste anymore time, imagining what it would be like, to be with a girl like me, when you can actually be doing me. Don’t put it off any longer. Call me now.

A fun night with a Special Girl

 Hello boys this is your sexy tranny Mindy. I know sometimes you boys want a sensual TVTS to play with. One that dresses so very elegantly, and looks so beautiful. I love to tease and please. I am all woman with a big yummy surprise between my legs wrapped up in my nice lacey panties. I will make you feel like a million dollars when you are with me. You get the best of both worlds. A sweet, sexy goddess with gorgeous tits a nice squeezable ass, and of course last but not least, a dick between her legs. You know you want to be fucked by this beautiful cock. I will make you feel so naughty on your knees, ready to please. Sensual phone sex with a shemale is just what you have been waiting for. Cum and play with me today.


Looking for something a bit different??

Hi Baby! Are you bi-curious and looking to try something new and you’re just not ready to do the gay thing? Well, why not give a hot horny chick with a dick a try. I’m a sexy bitch with something extra for you in my panties. No one ever has to know that you are dabbling on the wild side. I look like a hot chick with nice tits, a pretty face with long hair and nice round ass.

And I am an anything goes t-girl as well. I love giving and receiving oral and anal sex. If your a virgin I will take my time and be very gentle with you. If you perfer not to have anal sex performed on you then I’m ok with that. However I will offer you my sexy manpussy for your total pleasure.

And if your looking to be taught how to suck a cock then I’ll be happy to show you. I love newbies.

I’m hard and ready for a good time Baby!

Shemale Mindy

Chick With A Dick

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Take a peak at my nice round ass and that tasty cock tucked in between my legs. You know you can’t resist that taste my asshole, cock and balls. You’re mouth is watering as you stare at my love rod! Well, Baby give into that need for cock and call me. I’m a sexy feminine beast with a package that other hot babes just don’t have. So, with me you get the best of both worlds. You get a pretty face with lips that want to wrap around your cock, suckable perky tits, a nice round ass with a tight hole for your cock. And the best part is my 7 1/2 inch cock and I know how to use it. So get your cock in hand and your phone on speaker and call me for some of the kinkiest t-girl phone sex you will ever have.

                                                     Shemale Mindy



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Hey Boys! Are you cock curious or just looking for something a bit different? In that case why don’t you give some of the finest shemale phone sex with me a try?

As you can see from my pic I have long silky blonde hair and long legs that just won’t quit. My firm perky and very suckable titties are waiting for your mouth. And don’t forget about my round and very fuckable ass! Just imagine your cock buried in my tight little shithole. And when your ready I will give you my 7 and 1/2 inch cock in any of your holes you wish Baby.

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T-girl Mindy